God bless YOU, Anon-anonymous

Use your words to find devotion to Jesus our humble savior. The word of God shall be on your mind, and in your heart at all times. This type of devotion to our father in heaven is called being saved again. Jesus is living in your midst, bring goodness in your mind, bring love into your mind. God is LOVE, his word has saved many Christians from falling, and even though we fail daily it’s forgiveness, it’s hope and it’s truth. Love your neighbors is to pray for those who are negative. God loves you because the bible tells us so, God is with you and sometimes carrying you when the devil tempts YOU. Jesus said “get thee behind Satan” God’s mercy is upon each one of us. Thank you Jesus, sing hallelujah to his name in heaven. God loves YOU!!!!

Psalms 145:8 “The LORD is gracious, and full of compassion; slow to anger, and of great mercy.”

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