God, please help me. Pleas Lord. I pray that I and my parents have a talk where they are able to understand me and my point of view. Where they don’t just scream at me telling me everything that is wrong with me and punishing me. I want them to understand me. I know they have gone through a lot. But they don’t understand that I am hurting. Even as I am writing this I am crying. Sometimes I wonder do they even care for me? Do they care about what they make me go through. We had that fight in April. Where I was punished for crying. I don’t think that’s fair. I am a teenager and I have emotions. All I want is to have understanding parents that I am able to go to when I need something. Parents that I am not scared to talk to. I know I am not perfect and I have made as many mistakes as they have. But I try to do better every day. And I do confess my sins because I am truly sorry. I want them to understand my desire to have fun and to live my life fully. they think I am not grateful. They think that I want to go out just because the life they offer me is not good enough. But that is not it at all. I want to be able to spend time with my friends because I don’t know when I’ll see them again. School is almost over. And because we live abroad, other people from my school travel while we don’t so I end up alone. And I can’t even take a break because my parents put extra work on me and it’s stressful. it destroys me mentally. But I know that you would never put me through something that I cannot handle. The past years have been really hard. But my parents don’t even see that it’s been hard for me. They have so many expectations and it’s just a lot. And if I can’t even have my parents’ support then who is going to support me. Please help God. please. Sometimes, I feel so stupid for asking you things like this because other people are sick, or they don’t have their shelters, or their situation is way worst than mine. And God I pray for those people. I pray that you help them and bless them as you have done for me. God, I want this summer to be good. I want to be able to see my friends out of school but it won’t happen if my parents don’t try to be understanding toward me. I try God. I pray to have a better relationship with them as much as I can. But I feel like it’s only getting worst. And I want it to get better. I want us to stop screaming and actually talk. I want them to trust me. Every relationship is based on trust and communication and we have neither. Every time something happens, it’s always my fault. I’m always the liar. The girl with bad behavior. I just want them to understand me and trust me. And also give me freedom so that I can grow. Yes, they might not agree with everything I want and I respect that but I just want to live a little. I want to be able to look at things, or wear things without my mom jujding me. I want my mom to have a more open mind. I want her to understand that it’s not because I dress in a certain way or that I want to get my nails done that I won’t have good grade at school. that it’s not bad to have a style. I want her to stop jujding me or other people. Please God help me. Amen.


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