The arithmetics of your ankles smooth like hot air balloons,
Tendon your muscles as steaming wheels,
Adrenaline shores up as the engine of mental faculties starts to wield;
The calfs stretches your loins as you stride like a stallion,
Backened by the gluteal muscles as you lead the pace;
Cardio fuels slowly clutch as the race starts.
The thighs oscillate as the night skies,
Enboldens the human shell with a transparent soul:
to chase the shooting stars as you walk on the perpendicular globe,
inhaling every particles the air has to provide.
Your pupils stretch as you behold,
the rays that came from the heavens lightyears away.
The web of consciousness expands to resonate,
the electromagnetic spectrum to the deep consciousness of your neural network.
The nerves stretch as the cosmic expansion,
The rate of which corroborates with the pervading of your hypothalamus.
May you behold the miracles of the creators,
as the creation shimmering the glories upon you.
So much as the grace you have shed.

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