Plz pray4my demon possess bksld daug danele salvation she gts high drnks liquor plays loud music all day shes not wrkg she hs new boyf he comes ov late thn sleeps ov I tld harmer he cant stay but he does any way he wrks arou corner store fam $$ I pray tht God sends hm a emerg job transfer so he nv comes bk here my daug do ths delib bec my chrst bro forbid her2do ths she wants my brot2see in the morn wed tht her boyfr slept ov they treat my place like a brothel wht thr do cld gt me evictd plz pray I’m ne evict ths is jezebel spirit tht try2tk ov my apt they hv no fear of God her frnd said danele try2get pregnant her frnd promis her they wld go2church sun hs come&gone no church yet hes play w/God hes just play booty call games with my daughter my daug has lost her self respect


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