My sociopath brothers and sisters took advantage of my father with Alzheimer’s to have him disinherit me from millions of dollars in his will. The executors changed it from including me (while he was of sound mind) to him disclosing me (while under the throws of mental dementia). This is unethical and illegal, and I can’t afford an estate lawyer. I’ve been told by a free legal consultation it will be hard to prove. Mind you, since high school I’ve been straddling the poverty line working min wage jobs despite having a rich Father. He was a strict mean narcissist who vowed to make my life miserable, always said no to me, but despite that, he had me in the will until now. My siblings made him put the final nail in the coffin. I pray for divine justice in regard to this greedy covert immoral act. That was my light at the end of the tunnel after a hard life and now that light is dark. I just want justice. And my yolk to get easier and more bearable. I can’t afford a house or to retire. I’m at the age I should retire but can’t. I am reminded of a time when Joseph’s siblings plotted to kill him but instead sold him into slavery. But then God made Joseph one of the richest most powerful men in Egypt during a famine in charge of food supplies. In a twist of fate those terrible siblings had to march down to Egypt from Israel to beg for food. They didn’t even recognize their brother as they begged. I pray for this kind of Justice.

Michael Kevin

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