Thank you Jesus, bless this soul, this heart who have struggled to come unto your throne of truth and forgiveness. God bless this day, for this day will change your life, will change your thinking and will be saved. God is real, Jesus died for you and I, Jesus is real and is the true living God. God our father in heaven sent his son to save each one of us, and right now in this moment YOU have came to the kingdom of strength and courage. YOU are saved by his stripes (Isiah 53:3) oh come one people, talk to God right now, tell him how you have struggled in your life and the lord’s peace will give you strength. Peace is hard to seek, but Jesus said, “all those who can hear, will hear the word of God” (Matthew 11:15).

Be born again, fellowship with Christians, don’t be afraid or shamed, the lord will shine through you and your doubt will no longer control you!!!!! Jesus is here with you every moment and will continue to open his arms and welcome you!!!! welcome your family!!!!! God will welcome your neighbor, today is the day that peace has come upon you. Live to see the real gift of God, the real miracles that make our life have a purpose to live, to share the word of God with others. Bring your heart and cast out your worries for God is with you this night!!!!

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