Firstly, as outlined in the heading for this section, concerning gratitude. Every so often, if I don’t voice my particular brand of opinion my higher power has no idea what currently vexes me. The log jam, likened unto my banking situation becomes just that. JAMMED up. That, among other things gives me the 3 Alarm headaches as mentioned above. Over the Christmas Holiday, I ordered several items from the ULC Seminary which I have not received as of yet. Which I actually should call the Seminary to get their take on the matter, before they sell my seat in the sanctuary. Sorry, trying to keep my sense of humor. My nephew and I, had the wonderful opportunity to feed close to 12 people here, with one of those Harry & David Wow Christmas Feasts. I still have one of the Christmas Turkeys in the freezer from that particular project. I mentioned something to my nephew about shooting for the stars, so then I felt compelled to have a star in the night sky of the Taurus Constellation named after him, which is pretty cool and he need not worry about a domestic terrorist extracting the item from his quarters. As well, he received some world qalaxy documents, which he will have to worry about being extracted. The safety deposit box, at Nevada State Bank, which I have been collecting for my niece and nephew and two other individuals, a series of little trinkets, bullion, coins, treasury notes, etc..the Masters of Wiccan Studies Course-this will really interest me, especially since he already has a sense of what “he’ really knows. SO I tried not to fill his head with a bunch of horsecrap that I may or may not know about Wiccan Studies. As well, I think the Seminary was going to get back to me concerning some type of graduation ceremony upon completion of the thesis. After Christmas/New Years, I was thanking our ancestors for giving me the opportunity to see his growth and development, since both his mom and dad have passed on, and I have been blessed to share his life-from a distance. It would be nice If I had any contacts in music since he’s a drummer. I am also grateful, that was kind enough to send me a DNA testing system for him. His DAD has relations in CHINA and Hawaii, so the hair was already sticking up on the back of my neck. I already told him we have relations with Attila the Hun, Hon. Ms. Susan Sarandon. Hon. Mr. Tom Hanks, and probably a few others with the Maternal Haplogroup H and the Paternal Haplogroup R/U 152.: Prince Phillip of Edinburgh, and a whole lot of Kings and Queens. Anyway, It was quite nice just to be with him for that 6 hours if I’m not mistaken. I hope his Dad and Mom are looking down upon him, and thinking how proud they are of him, and the man he has become. Just as I am. There is a poem, that probably most of you know, regardless of religion, or the like. It goes like this. ‘God, grant me the Serenity, to accept the things I cannot change, The Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference.’..For the things I can say that I have not done, I can still say there are a few things I am grateful that I have done. At this particular juncture it is this young man. Jamie

Rev Dr James J S Jr

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