Ikiru (to Live)

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We just had a very enjoyable evening of Italian food and a Japanese movie.

We watched Ikiru, a Kurosawa film.

It asks the question: If your doctor gave you a death sentence, how would you live out the rest of your life?

I know what I would do, but I'll hold back for now and not lead anybody on. What about you? You've got six months to live. What do you do?

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I would work harder on my Dream Project. First, I would buy one of the several commercial buildings in town now vacant due to Bushonomics. Then, I would invite and/or round up several women to participate in a Quilt-Making Collective. There are many quilters here, both White and Black. Other projects would be planned, but the main and first one would be quilting, before these artful, industrious women get too old to do it and before they die. Many young women are not interested, and maybe they would get inspired to carry on this great tradition. We also have local craftsmen who make swings, chairs, cabinets and other things like that.

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~ Farmer? Why don't you do that?

There are small low-interest loans available for projects just like that.

A Crafting Quilters Collective would be a wonderful thing!

& if you encourage recovering addicts & homeless to participate, it's a charity.

You get more Federal funds. & if part of the profit goes to shelters, more.

A lot of paperwork, yes, but it could be so worth it!

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With 6 months to live I would do as Jesus did and overturn the tables on the money lenders.

Anyone got any idea how much of a bill you could run up in 6 months on all those 'pre-approved' type store and credit cards? :ph34r:

In 2006, I was told I had advanced lung cancer with six to nine months to live. I traveled all over the world, $66,317.63, bought a Grand Piano for $12,650.00 and spent money like there was no tomorrow. I even dipped into my 401K, to the extent the law would allow. I took out a second on my home and got a little over $212,500.00. I ripped through every penny. Nearly $300,000.00! I Was fatl broke and then I got really sick and then it hit me! My time on Earth is over! I don't like this idea! I don't want to die. I don't want to be sick and I refuse to die. I prayed like there never before and within a few weeks I was discharged with a good Prognosis. I was broke, soon to be homeless and faced a future more scary than passing away. With Death, I had no fear. The thought of trying to live with no car, home etc. was really scary!

I now live in a small, subsidised apartment, and I get a little over $750.00 per month from Social Security. My life is much different than it was before my diagnosis.

I wouldn't do anything different other than loosing my home. That blow is one that I will never fully recover from. When you loose your home, you loose a big part of yourself. Or at least that's what you think when you are going through it all. Now I admit, I miss my home! I can't even go past it. It hurts too much to see it.

I'm happy to be alive and encourage everyone to think out what they would do if they were to get this news. Write down your plan of action or mission statment or what ever you want to call it and "DO IT!" Don't let anything get in your way.

When I traveled, I was able to see places and things many Humans don't even think of, such as hang gliding in the Grand Cannion.

Stay happy, healthy and do your best to be your best.


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My mom was told by her doctors she had breast cancer.

That was in 1996 and given 1 year to live with treatment.

So she lost one breast and did the rounds of cemo,radiation for 3 different times.

She keep up a good face no matter how sick she got.

Tried to keep working and spend time wth family.

She has never been to california and florida so her sister and her fly to florida for a week spending

time with my cousins.

She never had a dull moment.

Then fly to california,drove to vegas and spent time with my cousins there to.

No matter how sick and tired she got even when she to use a wheelchair to get around.

She got her year and on june 12,1997 after a week in the hospital she passed away.

Which was a slow and painful death which I was there with her the whole time.

I would haven't missed a moment of.

I miss her and my dad every day since they are gone.

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I know what I would do, but I'll hold back for now and not lead anybody on. What about you? You've got six months to live. What do you do?

I would do the same thing I do now.

If you really enjoyed Akira Kurosawa's film Ikiru, I would suggest to watch the movies Rashomon and Seven Samurai. Rashomon will make you think and Seven Samurai was one of the most excellent movies I have ever seen..

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~ DOCScott, congratulations on still being able to enjoy life!

Sorry the loss of your house hurts still so much.

~ Christina, yes, enjoying every moment possible with our loved ones is important.

We can never know when they or we will be gone.

~ Personally, I try to cherish every moment, because any can be my last.

My children hear they're loved every day, & it doesn't seem to annoy them.

{In their mid-twenties now, they still say "Love you too." ... Nice.}

~ Yep Buzz, 'Seven Samurai' is fantastic!

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