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  1. My kindest thoughts are with the Hensley family at this time.
  2. I shall be buying the book of this quote to see if I can figure out what you are talking about
  3. Unfortunately, Koki, the Hogfather has already been and gone done shown. Sorry 'bout that matey Anyways, for those who missed it, which is all of you now .. It was brilliant! Marvelous! A masterpiece! A work of art! It was just so good that sometime soon I intend to buy the book and see if I can figure out what the film was meant to be about
  4. With 6 months to live I would do as Jesus did and overturn the tables on the money lenders. Anyone got any idea how much of a bill you could run up in 6 months on all those 'pre-approved' type store and credit cards?
  5. I am sorry to hear of the passing of your father and of the conflicts within your family Nature Boy Pastor Brian has given good advice when he said "He's your father and you have every right to go and pay your respects." and when he said "Just go, be confident, family is always, well, family..." Sometimes, I think, life only presents with choices between a rock and a very hard place. If you go family may use it as an opportunity to attack you, and that would their wrong not yours. If you do not go they will almost certainly attack you for that, which, I guess, would be both their wrong and, albeit arguably, yours. T'is an unhappy situation for sure but I wish upon you all the strength you may need to do the right thing. All the best with this one Nature Boy. I think I can safely say that I speak for all of us when I say you have 'family' here and we will be behind you all the way.
  6. Von has long been a Saint in my book. I am glad that the ULC has made it official
  7. Lived with that one, I have As an apprentice I was deemed to have the biggest gob and was thus mutualy selected by management and workers as a negotiator, it was a non-unionised workplace, btw. On more than one occasion I got threatened with physical violence by workers if a negotiation went foul. Main exponents of said violence against my person, if asked would they be prepared to forgo the fruits of a succesfull negotiation in return for immunity against the fallout of an unsuccesfull one, always said no. They wanted immunity if things went wrong but to still enjoy the benefits if I levered a fair cut for the workers out of the boss. Frankly such people fill me with me disgust. I do not like unionised negotations as it happens. I think all workers should negotiate their rates individualy and run the risk of getting underpaid if they are poo negotiators or getting kicked out onto the open market if they overestimate their commercial value by too much. Women are cronically poo pay negotiators, on the whole, which is why in non unionised companies women often get paid less than men for doing similar jobs.
  8. 'The Case for a Creator' by Lee Stolt (I think) Gift from my good Christian freinds JohnE and Houselfjoy that was Gotta admit I find it hard reading stuff like that, I'm one those people who stops reading at the first thing he see's as a false premise one the very reasonable basis that any argument based on a false premise is going to become ever increasingly more flawed. I am glad I persisted tho. Stolt uses the Cambrian explosion to discredit evolution whilst acknowledging that more primitive life had existed for billions years before. At the stage I am at I have to assume that Stolt is not going to argue the case for any creator who went from void to Adam and Eve and Eden in a mere seven days.
  9. KOWZAHSS! My reply has gone missing - AGAIN! Adrian, I cannot critique, I conform to the old "I know nowt about art but I do know what I like .." syndrome .. All I can say is that if someone were playing that stuff live I would want to stay and listen or if it were on the radio I would leave the tuning knob alone
  10. The Heart of the Buddhas Teachings by Nat Thicht Han. Just finished it. Confirmed my long held belief that everything is very very simple but when you have many simple things together it can look very very complicated ...