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  1. Bsawtelle and mererdog First i think our taxes should go to school for our kids what school we choose . And our taxes shouldnt pay for the criminals in jail imagine a child molestor getting free college why his victim still suffers and struggles Or a bully get to graduate and the victim dont Tax is great if we use it right we have no choose in the matter . I think criminal +bullies shouldnt get free stuff while their victims suffer . Maybe it is just me who sees it Peace Lordie
  2. Thanks mererdog and bro kaman Yes alot of people stare or make comments This why i posted this low pants But it seem only this forum under stands the hurt others do to another . I feel if we preach or teach and show respect maybe the judgeing will stop but i doubt it tho Judging is wrong and stupid but some people teach to judge ( like my bro) but me i see someone w low pants i dont judge i smile at them or say hi i feel maybe that was a highlight of their day Peace Lordie
  3. Wow atwater that was long I sure dont believe dress codes neither But i am shocked you know about writing on people ( not tatts) that i was impress .esp. the gang prt alot of people dont know about that impressive Peace Lordie
  4. Thanks for the prayer bsawtelle But even so people learn it from cons We have no right to judge do. We i dont think so but we are human Peace Lordie
  5. Yes it is true our taxes pay for our children education . But i dont think it should pay for criminals who abuse children On the question about prisoners well it cost 6500 a week i assume to house and feed them Peace Lordie
  6. Wow bro hex Nice point Peace Lordie
  7. Actually all the prison yard i went to i never seen than ( visiting my bro ) But i still feel we shouldnt judge any one Peace Lordie
  8. I think we are should make the same amount of money . Or at least put a freeze on prices not only help the poor but others as well Peace Lordie
  9. Funny Bro hex But what about the guys who actually have a problem like nerve damage or an medical condition Peace Lordie
  10. Thanks panpareil and dan52 I believe we should dress any way we want too Like dan said about. Chick butt well if they can do it only fair guys can to And there shouldnt be restriction on clothes my personal opinion if u are looking at a teen or a man w his butt hanging out ask them why some will probably ignore the question other will tell u Peace Lordie
  11. You guys made me laugh thanks Actually i believe if a prisoner can get free education why cant any one else only fair Peace Lordie
  12. It really bothers me sometime that we judge people . I just read on a social website about a sign that shows a boy w his pants low ( under his butt cheeks) and it said pull your pants up on the sign . I almost threw a fit when i seen that . I wear my pants low (hip style) cause i have nerve damage and it hurts to wear my pant up . And yes i c alot of people wear their pants low . I dont make fun . We dont know why they wear them low . Instead of making fun or guessing why not ask them i think alot of people will probably be shocked the answer . Here is mine i have nerve damage in my groin an
  13. Ok i read an article that people who are in prison have the right to a free education for college courses Is it just me or does it really seem unfair to us Peace Lordie
  14. I got ordained in 2012 because i wanted to do better make something of my self and maybe someday is my hope to preach in a church . I also realized all my friends. Has ulc ordaination after i got mine it makes me feel great to be a ordain minister i also do prayers Peace Lordie
  15. Geeze I like your responses But welfare was for the poor And welfare to work was for the poor to learn to work .as for feeding wild animals i done that a few times they learn to fed for themselves but sometimes we must feed them Peace Lordie
  16. Thanks freyjaworship Yea i like this forum too always honest I have been taking classes to avoid thinking about a boyfriend it aint easy but i am trying Thanks peace Lordie
  17. Thanks md taylor Peace Lordie
  18. The law here in pa is 16 yep But for me i made decisions all my life i am 35 i took care of my parents my decision ran away once my decision . No matter what decision we make we make it at that moment on our feet so to speak Lordie
  19. I like that br.devon I was told our dreams are a way of coping w a problem or a way our mind relaxes our body .and sometimes a dream is a sense for our future but as for our thoughts we can controll it so it doesnt pop out of our mouth( bad thought) but as for us making our own thought well our brain has to work somehow Peace Lordie
  20. Can i marry couples Can i preach in a church Lordie
  21. Wow nicely put atwater Lordie
  22. Thank you very pretty Peace Lordie
  23. In pa there is alot of rules being a minister so i hear even tho i dont believe anything i hear . I still would like to know the rules if any one knows any Lordie