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  1. Yes wolfchaser i like it And welcome
  2. Actually dan some Christians i met over the years i wonder about were did they learn faith at . No disrespect .
  3. I agree atwater I would fire him w a fine And i also agree w olfenbedwere Some fads are bad tho and others put a taste in your mouth that u cant get rid of .
  4. I am glad olfen U are not mad at phil. And as for me i am bisexaul And yes it does aggravate me that this celeb talks like this . Were do u think the kids and adults come up w gay bashing lingo they think if a celeb says it it is ok . Well it is not My friend was gay she beating and stuff like a thanksgiving turkey . All because of two people said something about gays . And one of the people was a minister . Case in point . It is wrong to pick or to disgrace anyone esp. If u dont know them . Peace Lordie
  5. Nah u are not wore out Good luck on your knee replacement Lordie
  6. All of them Like talk and news shows .
  7. Yes but we didnt broadcast it I personally worked and paid bills But i didmt broadcast it on tv ooh people think it is something new out that is what makes me Angry . Also some of these kids work work to support their family as in their parents . U dont c anyine bragging them up but u c a 18 yrs old working oh everyone gets excited that is just wrong . Period
  8. I worked on my family turkey farm And in a church and help ran my family business half of my check went to groceries and the half went to bills The part about kids robbing yep my parents experience that as well my old sis and bro robbed their safe twice i got them mysaid about five times . Geeze They stoled ssn and old antique money . That was for my grams estate . I still remember the local store calling us to tell us my bro used the old money ( small town) oh was my mom mad we had to fork over some cash on the spot . Then my bro and old sis stoled and arranged for our home to be robbed which a gun was stoling and tge person who stoled it shot our veteran nieghbor my mom told the cops but they didnt believe us . Until our neighbir woke up and told them who it was My sibs was still after my parents stuff so my old sis robbed my house .geeze and hired my ex to rape me . Apparently my old sis and bro had plans to put me away drugged up in a home because get this they thought i will get everything . Geeze i sold the guns and my home to pay off bills and later i found out my bro used my dad ssn to get a credit card and pay off his bills So i get it Lordie
  9. I worked since i was young to support my family and it seems people now adays makes a big deal in young folk working really brag them up . My parents braged me up and even tho they know how it is like we are work young we are work for money to support our family It doesnt make me mad that people think it is amazing that young folk are working now .
  10. On the tv these two women are actuall sister from sperm . REALLY i had the almost the same experience w my twin cousin karen . She and i were teased by teachers and there was a hit put on her by my friend . The school kept saying we were sisters . Not knowing that the nieghbor next door son was my half bro or that my twin bro was kidnapped and adopted out . . Karen and i were always told we were sisters well it might be possible. I miss karen and my twin bro and the half bro i actaully babysat knowing he was my bro . He acts like my real bro
  11. My friends use to snort sweet and low anf regular sugar out of the packs . They use to ask me if i want any i would say no i am allergic . My ex used to snort my famvir i go he wont get a coldsore in his nose then My oldest friends use to light candy ciggs And smoke it . The sugar is cain and yes sometimes it can cause u can get high . Not as high as marijuana . I was given peyote when i shot i dont remember much about it except for the awful taste i never went on drugs . But i do get teased because my friends who gave it to me was too young to know better now my bro teased me for smoking it which i hardly remember it. I guess thats why i feel for this people who was like me and dont remember it or accidently slip something
  12. I like that Allow me to add If i wanna rush i will go walking real fast on ice U can slip it slide it
  13. I just saw on today show about a drug teens are using mix of soda jolly ranchers and cough syrup w codiene . They said it was new out really wrong when i was a school cop in the `80`s the students made it and all other kinds of drugs this stuff aint new it has been out Wait until someone put on the news that some one snorted tooth paste mix w tylenol . I am the one growing up telling everyone that my sis was snorting bathes salts and people thought i was weird guess what i end being right . Geeze Lordie
  14. It surpising sometimes people say using the word god in takeing the lords name in vain but it isnt the lords name the christian lord name is jesus christ and heavenly father . When someone say god or lord it isnt taking their names in vain god is a nick name and so is lord for jesus and heavenly father . So when we swear god or lord we are not actually take their names in vain .remember kings were referred as lord and in the bible times. B4 christ they called different kinds of gods god so when some swears god are they swearing and their god or yours (No disrespect to any one)
  15. It is ok windwalker I am fine still getting teased from my bro And ignore and bullied by my old sis That is tru what that umc preacher said Thanks
  16. Getting bullied Is wrong But i get bullied by my bro because he thinks he knows everything ( he is in jail)
  17. Actually suicide is never the answer I lost my faith because my bro picks on me and my sis does as well after years of physicall abuse they put me thru I never commited suicide I find it disturbing I do believe in my god but when i lost my faith it came upon the bully abusive letters and talk plus shear ignorance .
  18. Actually a minister is man or woman A challenge to preach his or her word to a bunch of people that he or she rather slap up side the head to get the point thru . A minister can be any religion any faith and sect . A minister is not only a high authority fiquire but doesnt act like it Because a minister is just as a person as the next
  19. Mmm! I think anyone has the right to their opinion but there is a time and place And it wasnt in gq magizine . Just my opinion
  20. I agree w ministers I googled and got all different kinds of types And different religion . My opinion a minister can be any race gender or religion .
  21. I think i got a better view I wanted to b part of a group on fb that was a baptist women minister group they wouldnt let Me in because i dont go to a brick anf mortal church and i watch catholic mass on tv and i preach online and the big one i support the gay community I find this group anti christian And dan i know A&e support gay that one reason i like the channel .