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  1. I agree jonathan i had an obama phone in the '90's i also had safelink my minutes at the time rollover .years later i didn't qualify for the progrAm then about a year ago i qualified for assurance wireless i agree it is better than nothing .i used it and do u qualify for pcap it might help u as well . just a thought . The problem w theses phone is that my mom who made less than me couldn't get the safelink but i could i felt bad and so my mom and i shared my phone i was my parents caregiver . even tho we tried no one gave her one even when she move to another town still didn't qualify i go what she is partial blind .but that what they said . I felt so bad lucky i had an old cell i gave it to my mom a tracfone just in case one day she called me it came in handy .now my mom has dementia . I am also low income i live in non goverment housing . and even tho people pick on others my belief is don't pick unless u walked in their shoes people pick on me i wear braces on my legs aka afo i also have an eye condition. and nerve problem . Somedays i haved wonder what are churches teaching or school when we or anyone gets picked on. think about it
  2. Actually people make 189 for one person on foodstamps 250 for two people .and i don't believe this thread .no one knows what their future holds and you all pick on people on welfare and ssi and snap . why? you all don't know what situation any one is enduring until you walk a mile in their shoes . i have a friend that was desperate for. money that he almost killed me to get the bond money my old sis put on my head . (Order a hit) but he didn't .i forgave him he ask me why i said i dont know what i would do In your shoes .and he goes do you know why i did that i said yes your dad died .and you were responsible for the furneral .he went yes .he end up saving my life from another kidnapp attempt from my old sis . and he made sure i had a true friend in him .so you say what happen to him now or were is he .he died and no one was allowed to attend his furneral . i tel you all one thing i loved that man and i loved his family .and i always tell people what he did not in details . I was the only person who love him like no other . i walk in his shoes about two years ago when my dad died .i sold my home and sold the family business to pay my dad furneral .you say why didn't my friend do the same he couldn't there was no home there was no business .for him To sell . he made me realize that no matter who you are or were you been you haven't walk a mile in no one shoes until it happens to you remember that!!!! lordie p.s. i even married my friend that's a friend i will never forget him .
  3. Cleric i work under the table too i couldn't stand being told what to do some of my bosses were stupid to say the least. I wear braces on my legs and i have nerve damage . medicaid saved my life . And just so everyone knows no one makes much on ssi or ssd or welfare it is less than minium wage here in pa .sure i didn't like my ex getting rent for a year or anything else after he tried to raped me.but that is apple and oranges .
  4. Songster i wonder that sometimes too My ex and my bro got me kick out of my apt about two years ago .my ex slip me ghb and every legal aid said i have the right to stay in my apt .but sense i choose to leave my ap my ex got kick out by the new tenent apparently the landlord is an idiot .any way i found out my ex got a year of rent from the welfare and free gov phone and a car .when i called ( before he got kick out ) welfare and ask them to help me they said no he should be kick out then i called the local help no one wold help me caue there was no legal right for me being thrown out and i choose to leave before the date of kick out . so. no one help me my bro gave me money as it was an apology for getting me kick out and my mid sis had to help me move again . still i pay my rent i pay my bills no relief or help for me .it does make me mad tho because the abuser gets the funds ment for people like me. or. Any other abuse vic . but as i look back on it i realize it couldve been worse .
  5. You all are right in your own ways but i think it is still wrong either way
  6. Cleric i am glad u got ur disability Cleric i am glad u got ur disability check
  7. I remember a story i. read that. an apostle of jesus ask jesus how many times do u forgive ur christian bro seven times or seventy times? Jesus started by telling a story about a slave and his master jesus said the slave owed the master money the master forgave the debt the slave then went to another slave and beated him for money when the master found out he went why did u do that when i forgave ur debt . the slave didn't answer . jesus said forgivness always . why i post this i rather had a bible story my cous owes me money i forgave it . i knew never to deal w this particular family but no one listen . My bro said he doesn't believe that .and he is baptist mmm jesus says forgive i did .i realize that no matter how much or what religion we should listen or read theses stories maybe we will learn something
  8. Churches and clergy here in pa don't pay taxes I found that wrong because for many reasons one is those taxes could go into the elderly pocket and two w all the clergy abuse it isn't right that the victim has to pay taxes and the abuser dont and third the church member has to pay taxes and the preacher doesn't . of course u say well the church give money to those who need it well that the tithe money get money from the church members . i think churches and clergy should pay taxes .it isn't right or honest lordie
  9. I forget to mention when i moved to were i am at now i was pregnant and i lost it . i knew if i called welfare and reported they wouldn't do anything . u c here in pa a abused women must prove abuse before getting help . but my old sis walks into welfare got child support amd other benefits that doesn't make sense my other sister can't get it even tho she is disabled and the welfare says she can work really they gave two people money that was in the wrong but i and my sis tell the truth we get zip i don't think that's fair? is that what u all are talking about the unfairness i been on both sides . Kokigami i know because people who are rich are afraid of departing w their riches and don't like it
  10. About two years ago my dad died my mom got. dementia and i sold my home to pay debt that my bro put in my fathers names and credit cards that was my dad and my mom i decide to give my mom peace and some pride so w the housr money i paid all the debt s off . well before i could sell i moved into town . that when my ex started slipping me ghb on the orders of my bro and sis which at the time was robbing my house w my ex . my bro said my ex took advantage of me .well my bro lied to my landlord and try to claim he has custody of me i said he is lieing but i was kuck out i called welfare and legal aide no one would help me because i choose to leave before the date i was kick out. . my ex was kick as well he went to welfare got money while he was living w his mom my bro went to jail . after a year went by i found out my bro put a ssn under my name and a credit card . so who was taking advantage of me mmmm any way this week i run into my ex . my bro wrote in my and my sis letters he was going to hurt my ex . really i told bro not too well my ex got a call from the cops saying bro was or has put a threat on him . so now the cops are watching him anyway how do i know my bro was playing all along u say a leopard doesn't change his spots my bro has a distint way in his facial expression that we all know when he is lying . and he acts like he will attack some one and make a child scared because he knows i will rescue a child from bad behavior . and i was all set up before i moved into town . and my old sis wanted something out of my house since there was nothing she had a fit . what make these 3 so buddy buddy when they hated each other for year well me for one and black mail for another . when my bro gets out i fear the worst about my money i know the cops knows what he did so the worry is some what lifted lordie
  11. Thanks kokigami i don't think an education is needed on my part i been around this welfare and ssi and here in pa if some one recieves ssi and works (work incentive program) they are liable to pay income tax and same for the welfare .the old people who make 1500 or over has to pay income tax and medicare . so here in pa it is different no tax excemption unless u make under 1500 . Only thing i don't like w this law is this my ex goes to welfare after getting me kick out and say he got kick out too the welfare wouldn't help me because i choose to leave my ex lived next door i told the welfare basically what he did they said the landlord should throw him out well yea after i left the welfare paid for his full year in a new place and then he got a gov cell phone and he tracked mine he got a extra money . so when i moved i had to move again to were i am now .i got a bad rep from my first landlord my second let me go my apt leaked i told my third landlord the truth . i have a nice place but i still say welfare couldve help me oh just so u know my ex lived w his mom when he got kick out and claimed he was living on the streets . and he got churches to pay for him an apt after the year on the welfare was up . i go i told the welfare and legal aide what happen they told me to stay that wasn't an option for me cause my ex slipped me ghb and prob raped me . well the way i look at it .he will get it sooner or later . lordie
  12. I agree and the pfft made me laugh i read at a fifth grade level in kindergarten which is rare the state teachers wanted me moved to higher grades the school wouldn't allow it cause my hand writing was bad the state teachers look at the school u c i got in a fight that day and my hand was swollen and my eyes were swollen shut and i just plain sore the state couldn't believe the school . well after a while we figure out why the school got more money from the state if they kept me back and so over my school years they did kept me back .my education was. taken away frim me my mom had to teach me. all because the school wanted money and here if the kids are in fights they give schools money if the kids are poor the state give the school money no education just money machines lordie
  13. I am just gonna say it. i don't like it when people who. pick on something they have no clue what it about or how it works it is just plain dumb in my book we are not teaching our kids anything but hate . no compassion no education no love hate and let me tell u alll when u allare old and on social security karma will bite u right back when ur kids go they pay taxes for u to sit on your duff and why u all laying there crying u will look back at this and go i shouldve listen to lordie too late then .amd don't reply back w any thing like if it is still there when u are old that is the same as. Picking .
  14. I agree and thanks I think that if we actually had first -twelve it would easier for the kids . or even an opportunity to move up a grade when they get bored .
  15. Panpareil u are wrong everyone pay taxes including the welfare it is the law if anyone make over 1500 a month they have to pay taxes .no one is exempt until it is under 1500 and welfare pays taxes when the. buy something at the store and no they don't get exempt. from that or proptery tax. neither i don't know were u all are getting ur facts but its wrong. look up ssa.gov and c how or what our taxes pay for . and welfare has to pay school tax per child (which in my opinion all public schools are dumb) And before u all get huffy get this when some one goes to the store to buy whatever it is the poor welfare person who pays more in taxes than the rich guy . i have seen it w my own eyes . lordie p.s. don't even think about posting welfare don't pay tax because it is not my prob u can't do research . and another charity donations go to welfare such as salvation army goodwill catholic charities doris day alll go towards welfare wait a. minutes hold it. catholic and lds help invent the welfare so duh!!!
  16. I had a gram who was w welfare for women and help make it happen . my point is after all the hell i been thru i knew that no matter what we go thru we know some one is worse off than we are instead of picking be thankful for what u have .and believe me i am i personally have a bro that tried to light my house on fire my sis tried to killl my mom and dad and me and succeed in killing my friends dad . she got away w it cause she is mental . So i know how it is to be scared to be hurt . and if welfare that my idiot sis draws and my bro is in jail at our tax expence go right ahead because i am thanks ful i am here i am alive i have a roof and food . we are should be thankful instead of picking and bullying some of u know my past some of u just found out some of u don't care . I feel after all the abuse my parents went thru they deserve their money i feel if we are sit down and realize what we have we should be thankful for because until u walk a mile in my shoes or in anyone don't judge its wrong and makes u all sound stupud amd jealous and down right ungrateful i stand up for anyone some of u won't cause u will have to live it to c it lordie
  17. Cool grateful pre k here is just like kindergarten and kids get bored i know i did . That's why pre k banned and after all the nasty replies from others on my other post i thank u for being nice lordie
  18. Ok. i don't belief this forum at this time first of all ssi does not come from taxes and second allow me to explain welfare to youall cause apparently you all are not well informed welfare reciepients has to show every dollar they get it spend not just on food or rent or clothes which you all say good well it ain't good. if the person has one dollar left after the end of the month they have to spend it if not they don't get money some welfare reciepients has to work for welfare oh u say that's good no again its not because they are only allowed to make the exact amount and prove they earn that job w written proof oh again u say great but it is not if that person make so much over they gotta spend it asap hence the drugs . say at 1 am u get ur check and c u are 50 dollars over were would u go to spend it welll in the booney nothing open except drug so they buy there then again u day were is the proof guess when they show up in the jail or social workers office . theres the proof and then u say well they should be on drugs well it is hence tax payers fault why u say ur rules . and by the way before u ask why or how i know this i grew up around it in the projects for 3 years . thr law hasmt change u still have to show proof oh before u say u don't pay rent in the projects well yea u do plus half . and before u ask was i on welfare no i grew up in the projects because i got allergic to the apt we lived in prior . and .ssi is just enough to live off of not much so u all u said money. or taxes take a minute to understand some day we will need government assistance or hand outs as u say then what are u going to do then when some one pick on u .oh yes i forgot tax payers get hand out it is called tax write off or tax breaks well then u all shouldn't call the kettle black then . tax write off are gov handout ooh amd tax deductions are to ooh yea before u all say no it's not guess what it is and the poor pays the price ooh . hey u all wanted me to expound so i did so here's a tip us ministers shouldn't pick on some one . and another ooh a tax deduction for being a minister in pa . SO KNOCK IT OFF THIS WAS A FRIENDLY FORUM UNTIL YOU ALL GET HUFFY . LORDIE PEACE AND BLESSING TO NOCTULIOUS
  19. I don't believe in tellimg our children it is not ok to smoke while the parents smokes like a chimney . I think putting braces on teeth or dying their hair is against god we are ruining the image of him and i strongly believe in values and respect should be no#1 Taught amd pre k should be banded lordie
  20. Very well put bro.hex i have walk a mile in your shoes noctulious i am sorry .
  21. Hey hey now be nice Noctulius is trying and we shouldn't judge it is wrong to judge noctulius did u try workshop it is a place for training i think they pay u each state is different tho and don't mind these guys .
  22. Noctulius i am sorry welfare or ssi or either we shouldn't be so quick to react because some day we might needit noctulius try ssd or tempory assistance program no it is not welfare it is help to get why u wait
  23. I read all your replies. i am shocked. at some of them