I can’t log in to the ULC Store

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In early 2018 we removed the requirement to use a login to make purchases in our store. There should be no need to retrieve a username or password.

If you receive a prompt to log in to make a purchase with us, please verify you have entered one of the addresses below into your browser:



If for some reason you are still being asked to provide login information while at the correct web url that belongs to our store, please refresh your browser/cache for our website:

  • For PC: Go to our store url and click the reload/refresh button on your browser while holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard.
  • For SmartPhone: Different phones have different ways to clear a browser cache. To clear the cache from your phone, please use a search engine such as Google and search, “how to refresh cache on a smartphone.”

If you are still being asked to provide login information after clearing your cache, please once again verify that you are visiting our ministry supply store at a ulc-dot-NET address as our church ministry supply store does not exist at a dot-com or dot-org website.

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