Speculations on Alien Life and Religion

Jonathan H. B. Lobl

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Much of what we think we know or have been taught to believe as scientific fact is actually mostly just the most commonly accepted beleifs and theories of the scientific community that have been cobbled together to form a functioning framework in order to better understand what we call reality.


Suppossedly, the US government officially put out a bunch of documentation a while back that prove that the Greys are real and that they have actively been in contact with our government for at least decades. They are referred to as Ebens by our government. Supposedly, the Greys created us and have been monitering us from the moon this whole time and they consider us to be their scientific property. They informed our governmet about at least 5 other species of hostile aliens. If we belong to the Greys this could explain why we seem to be alone in the universe, as we are a contained experiment.


Consider the Sumerian Tablets and pretty much any creation story from any tradition and you find that they all start to sink up and they all start to sound like the same experiment then take this and apply it to everything you think you know about our reality...soul trembling, right?


I am starting to think that H.P. Lovecraft was the real sleeping prophet and not Edgar Cayce!

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On 2/15/2021 at 7:04 AM, tuoesg said:

It may seem that the existence of life on other planets is incompatible with belief in God. However, as the BBC Future columnist writes, many theologians accept the possibility of aliens.

In 2014, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) awarded a $1.1 million grant to the Centre for Theological Studies (an ecumenical research institute based in New Jersey) - to study "the social aspects of astrobiology".

This has infuriated some. The Freedom from Religion Foundation, which advocates a clear separation of church and state, demanded that NASA withdraw the grant, threatening a lawsuit.

Foundation representatives justified the demand with their concerns about government and religious organisations working too closely together, but also made it clear that they considered the grant to be a waste of money.

"Scientists should not be concerned about how the development of science will affect faith-based beliefs," they said.



What is it that the Freedom From Religion Foundation is objecting too?


Citations, please.  This seems implausible.  



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