biblical interpretation and the atheist

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Dreams often are about events in your own life and maybe portrayed in what ever fantasy that comes from your memories, If your low and tearful or someone around you is then you may dream about such things. Most dreams that you remember take place just before waking and your mind is coming too. Hence they are often associated with events in your life.  

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On 4/29/2017 at 2:38 PM, Pete said:

Dreams often are about

I admit to being less comfortable with interpreting dreams than I am with interpreting text. Let's actually call that "way less comfortable". My goto response when told about someone's dream is to say "Oh, that's a textbook sexual frustration dream!" The joke usually gets laughs, and can prompt an enjoyable game of Spot The Accidental Innuendo. It also ruins any chance at serious discussion about someone else's subconscious, which is my ulterior motive, in a nutshell.


But I suppose I brought it up, eh? 

Personally, I don't think there is more to it than what I posted. In my sleep-addled state, I believed the dream to be real, and reacted as if it were. There is a fairly common conversation where an atheist gets asked what they would do if they got some sort of incontrovertible proof that God was real. I now have to say that I would get very sad. I think that may actually be an improvement over my previous replies...

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