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Phil's, and many conservative Christian right, are of the opinion that only their opinion matters. They believe they are right because a bronze age book says they are, they are right because they have a sanctuary full of like minded people supporting their view, they are right because they have the Constitutional right to believe whatever they wish.....then they say they are being persecuted because the rest of us want them to shut up and keep it to themselves. They can't have it both ways, nor can I, but the difference is....I don't expect to have it both ways.

Well, I didn't get the sense that Robertson was forcing his views on anyone. It was the GQ writer Drew Magary who brought the subject up and asked, "What, in your mind is sinful?". That's when Robertson paraphrased those verses which list various sins; drunkenness, adultery, greed, idolatry, homosexuality, slanderers, swindlers, thieves, etc. So imo, he wasn't force feeding his beliefs down the throats of others, he was just answering a simple question. While I agree that there are radical Christian groups like Westboro who cross the line, the majority of Christians don't. But when asked a direct question like Robertson was, most in the faith would feel obligated to give an honest answer, because Jesus said; "whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven" (Matthew 10:33).

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