I Lost My Faith

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...just wondered how your situation turned out, Lordie; Also I am sad to say I just now saw this post. One of the greatest inspirations to me was a woman preacher (UMC). She had an awesome spirit, and was a joy to all who knew her. Although I am not of the Christian faith any longer, (Eclectic Wiccan) at the time I went to her and told her the same problem - my faith and sense of purpose was waning. Her words will remain with me forever: "Talk the talk, live your words, and you will walk the walk". I have gone on to another spiritual path, but practice those words in my spiritual journey.

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Hi lordie,

Regarding women's place in spirituality--- I am Indian, and while I am largely eclectic in my spiritual beliefs and practices, my primary "faith" is following my tribe's ceremonial practices, attending and participating in our 4 annual ceremonies, and living very Earth-conscious and Earth-connected. So, with that background and from our own Native American perspectives, as the Shaman of my tribe has often said, "Men and women are NOT equal. Women are more important than men because they are co-creators of Life. We men can only "contribute" to that Life process happening and watch from the outside, but we cannot conceive, grow or deliver Life." Thus, in my own tribe and in many Native tribes' practices, women hold the highest places in our ceremonial/spiritual life, beliefs and practices. We honor and greatly respect the women in our tribes, families and life. Therefore, you have my honoring Respect!

Rev. WolfChaser

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