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One of the grandparents that lives in our senior complex had a heartbreaking story to tell at last nights Neighborhood Watch meeting...their grand-daughter was brutally attacked and raped early this week. While their family lives in the mid-west, it has terribly affected these good folks.

Any prayers or energy for "Raymond and Violet" would be very much appreciated to help heal very torn hearts.

Thank you all very much,

Blessings of Peace,

Since this event happened in a manner related in a topic already posted, there's more to the story HERE.

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Update: Ray was taken to hospital Friday night and passed away due to complications of a massive coronary Saturday morning. I just heard about this this morning on my walk.

Our continued prayers for Violet are sincerely needed as she is obviously besides herself in grief.

Blessings of Healing,

PS: Of course, this is not the end result of most cases, but these are the unfortunate tertiary events that result from criminal actions. Frankly, imnsho, if lawyers can bring up all the far removed nonsense they did in the Zimmerman case, then the schmuck that beat and raped Ray's granddaughter should be held on charges of negligent homicide for his death.

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