Age Of Consent


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Ask my wife and she will say that I am still not responsible enough to make major decisions. Hmmmm.... So how is it that I made the decision to marry her??

ignore this. Mererdog beat me to it.. I need to log in more often.

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To be honest, I never use the law as benchmark for right or wrong. just legal or illegal.

...and there lies the conundrum: We are required to obey the legal definition in whatever state and/or country we live in. The laws may or may not be arbitrary, but they are the laws, as dictated by a vote of the majority whether realistic or not. Thus, there are those who are fully capable of making sound, rational decisions long before the legal age, while there are others who may never acquire that state.

I thought perhaps at my age..63 - I may have acquired that ability, but sometimes...

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