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Legit? Yes, in the sense that they are ministry sites and are able to call themselves ULC. Affilliated with Modesto? Nope. There was a time when the monastery was affiliated with the original ULC (as in Modesto, founded by Kirby and Lida Hensley). It is unfortunate, but things have transpired that forced Modesto to dissolve its relationship with the monastery.

The monastery as of last I was aware continues to pump out propeganda and deliberately seeks to misinform people of its origins, claiming to be the one and true ULC. While they certainly can be one ULC, they are not the ULC (in the sense of being the first or the Modesto Church).

There are threads on the forum that discuss the issue in depth, however my search is timing out on me right now... (spotty wi-fi reception). Perhaps someone else can be kind enough to give you some links that explain better what happened.

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