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I am a pacifist and even I see that some kind of non-harmful deterrent for the dog would be in order, they sell sprays that make a dog or cat not want to "go" to the area sprayed, or buy a dog whistle and blow it when the dog starts toward your yard, the dog will be the only one to hear and will not want to keep her usual potty, soon will refuse to go there at all.

a roll of brightly colored plastic "tape" like the police use for crime scenes but sold for marking off thing temporarily might help in just marking that area off limits

and a sign stating the area now under video surveillance could be a deterrent as well.

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update new neighbors:

this afternoon, an energy shift in the east bay, the dreaded neighbor walks past with two women - who clearly love dogs while I am in the side garden with himself, and as the women fuss and smile they come closer and closer till he sitting and giving them his paw (and a kiss, when requested)

needless to say, animosity can be drained away by a charming dog

and by people who are not invested in holding on to negativity

don't they say a child shall lead them, it might be a dog ....

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