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Buster is so cool, just a little tanner than my "Bjorn" (Bear) growing up that had more of a whitish tinge.

Buster looks like one Happy Puppy!!

Blessings of Peace,

" Woof bowr bow bowr woof woof! " to Buster!

(You may want to RESIZE Buster's picture. or is it in the 640x480 pixel format? :unsure: looks kinds big and I'd hate to see admin remove it! :fear: )

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I am truly sorry Rev Dreed.

He was a gift in your life - as his memories will continue to be.

I hope you do not mind, if I suggest that one day he will be able to express his appreciation for your love in this life....

Think happy things about him, and until you meet again, tell folks what a good dog he was... :)

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