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  1. thus far we have harveste green beans, tomato's onions, and squash this season. i plant about a half acre garden each year.
  2. we buy a lot of our meat as a whole and have it sliced the way we want it. one store we shop at even grinds the trimmings and packages it seperate for no extra fee. also the local butcher shop watches for me when we come in and offerer his old meat at a great discount as long as I buy all of it. a few weeks ago i got 65 lbs of misc. beef cuts for 69 cents per pound and it was already packaged and frozen
  3. i find all of his umm's and awes while speaking very annoying, he would not have made the public speaking team i was on in high school with all those umm pauses. The man can read a teleprompter, but public speaking is something he is lacking in, this is my opinion on the subject anyway. I find it very disturbing to see the political speakers following his style here of late, he sucks.
  4. the conservative folks here in my county would not vote for obama for local dog catcher, maybe that is why i feel athome here
  5. as our nation was founded on christian beliefs I see absolutly no reason to not have "under god" included in our pledge. I grew up saying the pledge every morning while facing the flag while in school it did not hurt me one bit. of course in todays world the mere mention on God is forbidden in school, but ala, or any other religious leader is strongly encouraged by the school system. Why is it that Only God is forbidden? If God shall not be uttered than in my opinion no other religious (false god's ) leaders should be allowed either.
  6. i have a boring job. i drive a deliverytruck for a small lumber yard here locally. i enjoy gardening, and am a firearms enthusiast. The Mrss and I target shoot at least once a week. I am semi retired so i dont work much anymore (only 45 hrs per week) I also enjoy hunting,and fishing when i can get the time to do so. If i am online and not here I can be found on one of several firearms discussion forums. Before i moved to Ky I was mostly a long haul truck driver, and did some firearms training classes as an instructor. I grew up in Northern Calif on a dairy farm, thank goodness I got out of that.
  7. we now have 50 tomatoe plants out, if they all produce we will have way more than we need so the neighbors will have maters too!
  8. today was plant watermelon, cantaloupe's and squash day, just as i finished a nice rain storm blew through to water them in
  9. Hey Q i remember the july snowfall. We were repaving down around Susanville Ca and it snowed on July 4th, so we got the day off. I was a bit upset about it though. Because it was a holiday we were supposed to be getting double time, -at- prevailing wage, had to sit in a motel away from home for free that day. lol
  10. maters, beans, and onions are in the ground and doing well, need to get some cucumbers, squash, and mellons out soon. and more beans and maters too! my garden plot consists of a 50 ft by 50 ft plot in the side yard. today I sprayed the unplanted portions with weed killer so i can till it up next weekend and finish planting. fortunately we get rain regularly throughout the summer so i dont need to water often, and i feed the plants with an organic plant food made nearby that works wonders. When we lived out in northern calif. i used it on my roses and had fresh cut roses at christmas time on the dinner table
  11. pretty accurate discription s/b yes thei one I am building is the semi auto version civilians are allowed to own and shoot. She has used a few that belong to some of our friends. My self I prefer an ak 47 but this is what she has been wanting. We spend several hours per week target shooting. Our way of spending time together, she does not like to hunt or fish, i dont like going to movies, and we dont go out to eat or drink , we just shoot holes in cardboard targets
  12. 10 years of congratulations being sent your way.
  13. I forgot to mention that this is our actuall aniversary date. April fools day! my 3rd marriage and her second so we did the deed on the first, so if it did not work out we could say it was just a joke!!
  14. The Mrs and I are celebrating 16 years of wedded bliss. We are having a party down at our local gun range, where I will be grilling ribeye steaks and baked potato"s. Also on the menue us a tossed green salad and a cake. What better gift to give her than a brand new ar 15 that I am building for her as a suprise. She will get to use it right after opening the package as we will already be at the range, sneaky little devil arnt I? If by any chance any of you happen to be around Bardstown Ky please feel free to come join us.
  15. our siamaese cat had to be put down today he was old when we got him from a friend his owner had passed on and he needed a place to stay. he had quit eating regularly and had lost nearly 18 lbs. im not entirely sure what was wrong but he just gave up on life and would not leave his bedroom. He got to where he could no longer get off the bed to use his litter box so he was going on the bed and we were constantly changing his bedding (several times per day) i put him down and burried him in the back yard next to Buster
  16. im sure he will be with us in the afterlife. he was always waiting for me at the gate when i arrived home from work, and i expect him to be at the gate awaiting my arrival when that time comes for me
  17. Buster passed on this past saturday. he will be missed.
  18. your family will be in my prayers kind sir
  19. no but it does have an old church pew as a bench
  20. no pictures yet but i just came in from crafting (lol) a new front deck on our house. the old was was just about rotted away. i have been off all week on vacation so i decided to do something construtive for a change
  21. an update on his condition. after further tests he has been told that he is in stage 3, with proper care and treatment from what i have been able to read. this give him an 80% surviability rate. today he underwent a bone marrow extraction procedure, to collect stem cells for use in his treatment. next tuesday he starts chemotherapy treatments. he is very upbeat and is confident that he can beat this. he has told me to expect this to be a very long drawn out treatment ordeal thankfully his employer has very good insurance. and he is hoping to be able to continue working during the treatments.
  22. i was informed today that my 29 y/o son has been diagnosed with Hodginkins Lymphoma, a form of blood cancer please include him in your prayers! thank you very much! my prayers shall be: dear lord please help my son get through this and if you need to take one of my family, please let it be me. As I have lived a full life and he has so much to live for. Amen
  23. who'd a thunk! i have already made over 100 posts, i find that highly unusual as i am not one to post much in online forums
  24. radish's are ready to pick