Can The Minister Be Sued If The Marriage Turns Bad


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nope, not in the slightest.

however- opinions on topics like that, whether positive or negative, have nothing to do with "reasonably assuming," as they're based on personal viewpoint and nothing more.

(attempted to edit this earlier, but couldn't find the thread...)

"reasonably assuming"... examples:

- situations in which one or both individuals were pressured into it;

- situations where one or both individuals do not take it seriously;

- situations where for one or both, there are questionable motives (like a local individual who asked about a piece-of-paper temporary 'marriage' so he could be eligible for some kind of housing thing that he was not eligible for with his 'live-in' arrangement.

I believe if clergy is aware of these kinds of situations, they're morally obligated to refuse.

but then, that's just my POV.

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I remember reading about a case where a Minister was sued because a marriage failed. I believe the actual issue was in the premarital counseling. This was in a state that required premarital counseling and the Minister just gave a cursory once over on what the couples responsibilities were. (not ULC)

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Here's more of a suggestion for you: Come up with a Service Agreement/Contract that specifically states that YOU, the Minister, are not to be held liable for a failed marriage because of the couple's choice to utilize your services/official capacity as an ordained minister. Also include any other reasons (outside wedding, etc.), because as others said, "you can be sued for anything". It's what I did, and while I still have yet to perform my first ceremony of any kind, this was something I came up with to protect myself from such matters. I also have it state that a failure to sign the agreement will result in immediate termination of my services.

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suggest you contact an attorney with that one.i do not think that is going to protect you from anything.if someone decides to sue you,trust me they will file.whether they succeed or not is a different story.

statements like that in a service contract show more that one is unsure of themselves than anything.

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