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  1. Hi You should be able to find the information you need at the office in your court house where you file your marriage license.You should also be able to get the information you require from your state representative,they are always willing to help their constituents. Good luck jba
  2. Hi Psychic readings seem popular in some areas.If this is an area you are good in. be sure it is legal to practice where you are and advertise. Good Luck jba
  3. Hi I am not sure but I bet a quarter a lot of it has to do with what state you reside in. I would check with your state Representative.Be specific. as to what areas you are interested in. Good Luck jba
  4. Hi Yes it does make sense to use god as a generic term. Using god does not refer to any particular god. In this country people assume you are talking about "the god of the bible",which is what I use when referring to the Christian god.I realize this can also mean the Jewish god and several others. If I am doing wedding services I ask the couple who are getting married what they want. All references to a deity can be deleted from the "standard"service. For example you start out by saying Dearly beloved we are gathered together to unite this man and this woman in matrimony. There by dropping the words god and holy. As I welcome all faiths, my services are more of a civilized discussion. I view preaching as trying to persuade someone to believe the way I do. The people in my congregation are interested in the way I believe as I am also interested in their belief system. So we have more of a discussion than a service. Good Luck jba
  5. Hi I agree we need more information. What do you mean by "I can't even launch without Internet on-site"? Are you trying to start a church in a mental hospital? Hope to hear from you soon. jba
  6. Hi I don't know about Kansas but in Pa. where I live you don't have to show any documentation.It does not surprise me that you don't have to show anything in Kansas.It is called separation of church and state. Although some county clerks ask questions about your ordination.It is too bad this is not the "united states" where the laws are the same in every state. They are not enforced the same in every county within a state. Good Luck jba
  7. Hi I just had to reply to this.My daughter married a man who went to college and jumped tho hoops before he could get ordained. She also questioned my ordination and calling it fake. When I could take it no longer,I pointed out to her that yes her husband went to college but he could barely read when he got out.I told her I got my ordination free her husband just payed for his. I went on to tell her it doesn't matter what she thinks as long as it is recognized by the state and it is. My credentials are as valid as his.She has never brought it up again.The bottom line is if the state recognizes it it doesn't matter what others think.If you have no trouble officiating at marriages then the state recognizes your credentials. Good Luck jba
  8. Hi I don't know about Tenn.but in Pa. the state representatives have legal aids who are more than willing to look up information for you. Representatives consider this part of their job and they want to be reelected.I received not the law but the interpretation of it from my state representative. Another reason I am glad to live in Pa. Good Luck jba
  9. Hi If memory serves me.There was a court challenge that was quite nasty in North Carolina.Credentials have been challenged in Bucks county Pa. By the way I am from Pa. but not Bucks county.Challenges have also been made in New York city. You will probably have to find out about Tenn. from your state representative. You might try a google search using "universal life church in Tenn" Good Luck jba
  10. Hi I have heard of U.L.C.ministers taken to court when a marriage ends in divorce. The couple wanting a fast divorce will claim the U.L.C.credentials are not valid therefore their marriage was not valid.You could end up in court proving your credentials are valid.You could be on thin ice in some places using U.L.C. credentials.Always check with your state represenative and the court house where you are preforming the marriage before officiating at one.If memory serves me there have been cases of this on this web site.Then again I am old and my memory is not what it used to be. Good Luck jba
  11. Wow! We sure have odd problems. You might want to ask your Federal Representative for help on this matter. Good luck jba
  12. ] Hi Contrary to popular opinion the United States are not united in what they require. The easiest way to get the information you want is to call your state representative. You should also check with the clerk of courts where you want to preform weddings. Believe it or not there can be a difference between what is required in different counties in the same state. Good Luck jba
  13. Hi You could hand out the credentials at the time you ordain someone. Consider filling in the date after they have heard from U.L.C.That way the dates will match and you can still have something official to give them when you preform the service. I don't think it matters when you fill in the date. Good Luck jba
  14. Hi It is always a good idea to check with the clerk of courts. I have a friend who wanted me to perform a wedding ceremony here in Pa. where I live. The clerk of courts gave them a hard time because she was from Ohio and the groom was from England. It turned out to be easier for them to be married in Ohio. The clerk of courts wanted to meet the minister who was doing the service. I don't know what difference that made. I am in Pa. but live very close to the Ohio line. Good Luck jba
  15. Hi I am not sure any space assigned to you as work space can be interpreted as your "personal space".It seems to me it is still the business's space.They are paying the taxes and upkeep on it and they are just having you use that space for work. They can probably control how it is decorated. I am not a lawyer and this is just a guess. It will be interesting to hear what other members think. Good Luck jba