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There's a voice in my head, and it's telling me come on, come on move on.

There's a voice in my head, and it's telling me I know my right from wrong.

They say what doesn't kill you can make you strong

Now I know what that means.

They can try to bend but they ain't breaking my dreams.

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When the world claimed that GWB was the antichrist, I replied that he was not, but that he paved the way for the beast that the whole world would wonder after...

I say to you now that the father of death is finally loosed upon the earth, come clothed as an angel of light.

But fear ye NOT for that which is about to come upon you.... For this TOO shall pass...

And he who will rise, he will fall again...

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The time to prepare yourselves for battle is over. It is already foretold that he will receive a mortal wound to the head and yet, not only shall he live, but will retain his power over all...

Dec. 21, 2012? It is the day that you're new king will stand within the rebuilt temple and declare himself to be god before the whole world...

Do NOT take his mark when he does away with you're cash... Better that you should starve to death then to suckle at the teet of damnation...

And yet... Do NOT attempt to fight him... There is but ONE who can defeat the spawn of hell...

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