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  1. The Cosmic Spiral embraces the concepts that Life happens before, during and after incarnation and that Cosmic consciousness comes with the knowing that a super-consciousness can be achieved where divine realities can be known although not proved. The Spiral of Life is like a reverse vortex. It is symbolic of the Journey of the Spirit. The more we reincarnate the higher the heights can be reached and the wider our view and influence that we achieve in Spirit. The Journey takes shape in an ever-upward and increasingly widening progression. It is an honor in our Universe to be able to reincarnate for, some Spirit forms can't incarnate at all. The Higher Beings look upon us with great repute from their station. We are the ones giving life to Cosmic consciousness with our evolving knowledge of how to make the Universe a better place to reside through incarnating again and again for learning of what it means to live in a variety of levels of existence. For most, absent is the knowledge of that before the beginning and after the end of incarnation. They don't know from whence they came before birth or to where they will proceed at the end of their incarnations. But is this necessarily true? No. The Spirit knows. And it is through simple meditation with the inner Spirit as a guide that we can know where it is we are traversing on the Cosmic Spiral. This is how with complete trust in the all of the Cosmos that we can learn of and find evidence of our present connection with our own true destinies and greater purpose. Surrendering control to the inner Spirit is the ultimate challenge for the Cosmically conscious. It is in this way that the Spirit informs you that it is in action in your life. In the blankness before birth and after death resides momentous potential. You might seem inhibited from accepting what is offered by your Spirit. You may have doubts over a lack of clarity, what seems to be unsuccessful communication or a missing awareness of who you were in the past or are in your present incarnation. You may get a sense that you are wasting your time. However, what is happening is what is right for your process. If the Cosmic Spiral is obstructed it is the time for clearing out the old. Sometimes we have to unlearn what is known to discover new knowledge. It could very well be time to doubt the physical in favor of the Spirit realm and consider the advantages that are offered through the ordeals that you face. Strength coming from adversity. For once accomplished, one sees that a termination of what has been outgrown has come to pass to token a new beginning where Cosmic consciousness is then possible with the divine within. And the Cosmic Spiral continues.