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  1. Have you ever met somebody that you instantly connected with, almost as if you knew them before.... Or had deja vu, you felt as though you'd been in that place before or how about this your worst fear. Fear comes from a bad experience. How can you fear something you've never known in this life..... How would you know someone you just met &&& how can you faintly remember a place you've never been? The answer is clear- reincarnation! So to the people who have never experienced any of these things, it's all real, your just new to this. Eventually it'll come to you. Don't doubt your gut instincts & who cares what anyone says! Gods happiness is all that matters, this life isn't about us. It's about what we can do for the world to make it a better place. Getting Satan back on God's team is my mission & I guarantee ima die trying.
  2. I have a good connection with animals & just like us, each animal has a beautiful soul inside. Mirrors & disappearing acts aren't something I'm into. I just go with my gut instinct! You are much more powerful than u even know. The human brain is amazing! Exercise that muscle & use it, that's why it's in your head! Open your mind & u will be amazed.
  3. Reincarnation is a total FACT! If u don't believe it, you must be a brand new soul.
  4. It's not something that can be seen because unfortunately, energy cannot be seen. It's more of a feeling & the feeling will come from your solar plexus. If you don't know where the solar plexus is, google it. The brain can power a light bulb with its energy, where do you think that energy comes from? It's the energy from our soul that powers our entire being. When the soul leaves the body or shell dies. Our soul goes on to the next mission. There is a book called "psychic energy by Joseph J Weed." That book can shed some insight on that realm & hopefully answer any questions you may have.
  5. The soul that each one of us has, is made of pure energy. It basically powers up our entire body as we live but when the soul leaves the body it dies. Any time u come in contact with a spirit, do ur best to guide it home. They're still here on earth because they don't know that they're dead or the have some serious unfinished business or they're lost & last maybe they were too attached to worldly objects.