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  1. talking to his nephew Hulk. 'You can't call people that
  2. which is not bolstered in any way by the wedding dress he's wearing. Secondly, he....
  3. sons of seven brothers ans said, 'let's play some b-ball!!'
  4. tx, everyone. she is home and doing ok. not great, but ok. she seems very tired, though. like, i mean tired of ALL of it. you can just see it. on her face, in her words, in her movements. you never know for sure, of course. but i have seen it before.
  5. Then he was suddenly distracted. A voice inside his hed sed- "Mummy, is that an aeroplane up in the sky?" He exclaimed out loud, "That looks like a ** airplane."
  6. Reality is one of those things where whatever you think, whatever your opinion and intelligence, theres still the possibility that your crazy as an oilpan full of clamshells and have no grip on reality.
  7. My wife's Gramma is in the ICU with pneumonia, and they think she has a leaky heart valve. She is deathly allergic to iodine, so they cant really do the normal test that shows that sort of thing. Her heartrate is all over the place, and her pulse-ox drops fast if she takes off her oxygen mask. She is 75. She has had a full life, she has lived to see grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. She avoided the nursing home, so her life has'nt been lonely, she lives with her grandchild and see's most of us daily. The rest of us, however, arent taking it so well. Prayers and good thoughts are appreciated.
  8. It WAS fast, wa'nt it? And done so silently. Its like the words you wrote never existed. Like you di'nt even post.
  9. I'm in love with maryjane For mary jane I'd walk a mile in the rain. Even better, my wife doesnt mind, and often joins us. she keeps me warm at night she makes me feel allright. I'm in love with maryjane.
  10. I miss my dad too, Claire. Towards the end he said all he had left to see was his grandchildren, and he would feel complete. He died only a few months before his first granddaughter was concieved. He died april 5th, 2001. I still cry every year.
  12. hayride tomorrow with my wife and 2 children a horse drawn wagon and hay poking our 4 butts the smell of horse doody cheers
  13. Sometimes. Probably most of the time. But I dont think it is always. Generally, once I realize something Im doing hurts someone else, I feel guilty and stop doing it. But I have done things to people anyway that have hurt them in some way because I justified it to myself. Mostly I always came to regret it. But at the time I sinned, I knew it was wrong to do what I was doing.
  14. do I get to Farmington from here?" "Well, you go south 5 miles, then turn right on........HEY!!!" Vanna/Satan sed, "What do you think......
  15. AND save the world if the President and the cast from night court are watching tv with Vanna White ? We'll have to...
  16. finish the dishes before the President gets here to watch 'House' with....
  17. yesterday. As he spun the giant decoder wheel he....
  18. We'll just keep nagging, then. Hey, Claire, what ru doing? Hey Claire wut r u doing? hey claire wut r u doing? claire, hey, wut r u doing? Wut r U doing, Claire, HEY! u shood git published.
  19. I hear ya, my nieghbor is thumpin' dat rap moozik, and Im considering a post-birth abortion on that big fetus.
  20. why would I disagree? well said. although I am on the fence on the rape part. If only for the sheer torture it might be for the woman involved. but in cases of 2 consenting people having sex, pregnancy is one definate consequence, I dare say the main one? To not be prepared for that possibility is irresponsible.