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  1. I thought they all died in a plane crash...
  2. He used to be the High Llama, but he was in college, and lotsa folks did that sort of thing then...
  3. Creationism and evolution are two completely different theories, explaining two completely different concepts. Anyone with common sense understands that.
  4. According to this page... MONTANA Ministers of the gospel of any denomination may perform marriages. --- Ministers must complete and return a marriage certificate to the clerk of the district court within 30 days after the marriage. Also the minister must provide marriage certificates to the bride and groom upon request. ---For questions see the clerk of the district court. Edited to add, Lots of wedding sites on the interwebs have minister sections. You could also set up a website which details the services you provide. As for charging, depends on why you are doing it. I know many ministers who refuse to charge anything while others charge according to the complexity of the gig...
  5. My ex has epilepsy. four days after our first kid was born she had a seizure in the bathroom & broke her cheek on the shower. I got the most horrible looks around town until it healed...
  6. The guy has some good points. But if the company promoting this video was really trying to change minds, they wouldn't charge for it...
  7. The whole thing just sounds like an excuse to incredibly lazy...
  8. Ah... Feel the love and compassion...
  9. Because this page pulls up when I open a browser and I'm too ignorant to change it...
  10. Might it not be that Adam and Eve were on another planet when they fell?
  11. But, if I listen to the show it will dash my belief that Murph actually sounds like papa Smurf. Or will it?
  12. i think it was called "Rain"... and as for the Wonders, it was actually Fountains of Wayne...