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  1. To me, most people who were considered enlightened were leading by example while others were following along or taking notes. Actions usually lead somewhere and most people are at least capable of making good decisions and some make those good decisions despite the obvious consequences. Following a good example usually leads to good thing too. Taking notes usually leads to a book no one wants to publish or let alone read. "Lead, follow or get out of the way." Having said that, I got notes to go over to see where I screwed up last night installing Gitea.
  2. I doubt enlightenment is state I'll ever reach because I'm stuck at pissed off when I'm feeling anything. I'm told that I'm a positive influence on people, a leader but my outlook is dictated by reality which sucks for the vast majority. Interesting video.
  3. Is indifferent the point in the middle or off the chart doing other things?
  4. that was my submission for the The Difficult Question.