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  1. Would a short story be apporate to post here?
  2. Well that is good to know, it has been a while since my Searching days.
  3. the Great Wheel turns ever onward. Reap, on this Second Harvest, all that is good in your life!
  4. I may be stirring the pot here, and I do not mean to, but do Wiccans still read Raymond Bucklands "Complete Book of Witchcraft" (The Big Blue Book)? It was one of the many books I read as I was searching. Another was A Witches Bible, by Stewart Farrar. Both gave the basics of Ritual, and the like. The latter book was a bit over my head at the time I read it, but there was good information contained in both, if one is searching.
  5. I prefer the term paranormal, meaning outside of what we know as "normal" . Spirits, ghosts (I feel that there is a distinction of the two terms) demons, djinn, fae, etc, would fall into my idea of paranormal. The temr supernatural, in my opinion would be reserved for things like Deity (and if this is what was what the op was referring to, then I stand corrected.)
  6. I'm here, and I followed you. I enjoy the dialogue on this forum, the differing view points coming together in peace and understanding.
  7. Qeick question, do members have the ability to change the "rank"  under their  forum name? IE, yours is Pres. and CEO...