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  1. ditto ditto We are all here because we have open minds. ULC is for those who have been called by "god". We are not trying to prove anything to any 'man. Respect for each other -- love for our "higher power" Or as Ben Franklin said, "we must all hang together or surely we will hang separately" I had a minister once who pointed out that NOT being persecuted may have been the worst thing that happened to Christianity. He said that when people gathered in secret, in peoples homes, when their very lives were in peril just for daring to teach the ideas of Jesus -- they were strong. The nature of the
  2. LAMB a novel The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore. This book magically manifest in my life the other day and I've been joyously laughing the whole way! The Author makes incredible connections, and while it is historically Anachronistic, it all strangely fits. The Afterword reads: "The book you've just read is a story. I made it up. It is not designed to change anyone's beliefs or worldview, unless after reading it you've decided to be kinder to your fellow humans (which is okay), or you decide you really would like to teach yoga to an elephant, in which
  3. "common sense" tells you that the world is flat....
  4. hi - i'm kind of eclectic... I see it as a growing process, actually. I did the searching, then the born-again, now I'm kind of multi-faith, I guess you'd have to call it. My main girl is STILL Eris, I think. She's the Greek goddess of the reality check. She's the one who takes the rap for the trojan war, when it was the self serving stupid **** goddesses who caused the trouble. ( I so detest Venus/Aphrodite!! <GAK> it was HER fault!) For those who know the story ... shouldn't the most beautiful at a wedding be THE BRIDE, not one of the guests? Jeez-Louise! I go with the one-creator-god
  5. I teach my children all subjects in pretty much the same manner. As little-bitties I just ramble & fill their heads with everything as it comes along. I find that they reach an age/a point - where stuff sort of falls into place (an epiphany... an "ah-ha" moment, if you will) Religion gets treated pretty much the same way. I treat all paths as "mythology" (which I do not mean in a demeaning way, by any means.) I try to let them know about all the religions around us, and answer all questions the best I can. My personal belief is that God, Magic and Science are all the same thing. I tel
  6. As a child I ALWAYS took may-baskets to my teachers. (then I'd get to explain to the class what May Day was..) Now I'm looking at the path of our planet & asking myself "Which Date is New-Year?!?!?!?!?!?!?" ... as if an ellipse has a beginning & an end. i'm leaning toward every day being a new begining.... Different cultures start days at different times (sunset, midnight, sunrise...) The year begins at January (Janus), Beltane, Samhain, YULE.....idk~ maybe someday i'll figure it out. till then we have visions of Queen Guinivere singing about "the lusty month of May" :-) so, THANK Y
  7. Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you come aboard. I hope you'll check out all the site has to offer and join in when you can! Blessings of Peace, Al