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  1. The Birth and Life of Jesus. Description of Birth and Life of Jesus Up to the Time of His Public Ministry I am here, Jesus; I want to write to you to-night about my birth and life up to the time of my public ministry. I was born in Bethlehem, as you know, in a manger, and when I was a few days old my parents took me to Egypt, in order to avoid the soldiers of Herod who were sent to destroy me, and who did kill a great number of male infants of less than two years of age. The Bible story of my birth and the flight of my parents and the murder of the innocents, is substantially correct; and I only wish to add to it, that when my parents arrived in Bethlehem they were not compelled to seek the manger of a stable in order that I might be born on account of poverty, for they were supplied with funds and everything that was needed to make my birth comfortable for my mother; and as a matter of fact my father was not poor in the world's goods as poverty was considered in those days. The Bible says the wise men came and brought offerings of gold and frankincense to my parents, .... http://www.divinelovedivinetruth.org/life_of_jesus
  2. Jesus says in the Padgett Messages... I was not conceived by the Holy Spirit, as it is taught by the preachers and teachers who are now leading humankind in the doctrines of the churches. I was born as you were born. My earthly father was Joseph. I was conceived by God's Spirit in the sense that I was born free from sin and error, while all other human beings were born in sin and error. I never was a human being so far as my Spiritual existence is concerned, as I was always free from sin and error. I had all the feelings and longings of a human being, which were not of sin. My Love was human as well as Spiritual. I was subject to all the feelings of sympathy and Love that any other human being was. Do not understand that I was with desires and longings for the pleasures of the World, which the human passions created. I was not, only I was capable of deep feeling, and could feel and know the suffering and distress of humanity.
  3. Jesus Will Never Come as a "Prince Michael" to Establish His Kingdom I am here, Jesus I will not come as a "Prince Michael" to establish my kingdom on earth, and take those with me whose names are written in the book and destroy those whose names are not written therein, as the preacher said. For I have already come, and am now working in the world to turn men's hearts to God, and to teach them the Way by which they may become at-one with the Father and receive the Divine Love into their souls. In no other way will I ever come to men on earth, for they will not need me as a visible king, with the powers and armies of the spirit world in visible form to subdue the evil that exists. There will arise no "Satan" to fight against me or my followers in the sense that the preacher teaches; for besides the fact that I am already in the world fighting for the salvation of men, there is no Satan. http://www.truthforallpeople.com/message-categories/meaning-of-life-on-earth/115-jesus-will-never-come-as-a-qprince-michaelq-to-establish-his-kingdom
  4. Man makes his own future, Stamps his own character, Suffers for his own sins, and must work out his own salvation. “Cultivate the personal qualities of patience, gentleness and helpfulness, and you will be cultivating your own spirit life.” “The one truth we are all trying to send is the influence the mortal life has on its immortal existence. We wish the earth people to know that there is no hell except that which the mind has created within itself. We wish them to know that the condition of the wicked here is one of unhappiness and misery; and that only they themselves can release them from the mental torture of their own creating: only a complete abandonment of sin and selfishness can open the doors to heavenly happiness. “Do you imagine that an earthly life of selfishness and sin can suddenly change into a life of purity and love? Let us assure you that no such change can occur, but must be worked out patiently and slowly by the sinner himself. And it may be years, or lifetimes, or even centuries, before the awakened one can replace sin and selfishness with loving service for others. “Make this clear if you can, and help mortals to awake to the truth that selfishness is the foundation of all sin, and must be overcome before one can enter into the joy of heavenly life.”
  5. Fawzo, While I admire your thought on the subject I would like to clarify reincarnation to you. That which you have been reading is not a true explanation. The story you are referring to may very well be explaining some past lives, however they are not those of the subject you are reading about. Those past lives are in fact spirit obsessions of that little girl, a much too common occurrence. Multiple personality disorders and past life regressions are just that, spirit obsessions where multiple spirits attach themselves to a mortal and in many cases cannot break free. I suggest that you read "30 years among the dead" by Dr. Carl Wickland. I think you will be very interested in his findings on the subject. If you need a copy PM me and I will forward you the pdf.
  6. From Luke, a Celestial Spirit through the mediumship of James Padgett... "There is no such thing as reincarnation, and all the theories and speculations of men upon that question, which conclude that a soul once incarnated can again become incarnated, are wrong, for the incarnation of a soul is only one step in its destined progress, from an invisible formless existence to a glorious angel or to a perfected spirit. A soul in this progress never retraces its steps - it is always progress, though sometimes stagnation takes place - but continues as an individualized spirit until it reaches its goal in fulfillment of the Father's plan for the perfecting of His universe. This is a subject that is difficult of treatment for several reasons, among which is the fact that we spirits, no matter how high our attainments, do not have the information in order to give a full and complete description of the soul and its qualities prior to its incarnation, and you mortals are not capable of comprehending the full truth as we may try to convey it to you." Many other mediums have connected with the Celestial Spirits and stated the same fact, no reincarnation and in the spirit world no one knows anyone that has ever been reincarnated.
  7. No, reincarnation does not ever happen. Never has and never will. The Soul and Spirit will never incarnate into another mortal body. This is not to say that there are spirit obsessions or possessions as this does happen on a regular basis.
  8. The problem with the general Christianity based people is that the Mormon religion was made up. Not one bit of it is truth. The Book of Mormon was plagiarized from the book "View of the Hebrews" written seven years before. Also the BOM parallels the Bible. Add into the fact that the Book of Abraham is fake and was taken from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. The facsimile used is from the pypra of Anubis giving the funeral rights to Osiris. Joe Smith had over 36 wives, seven were from 14 to 17. Eleven were already married when JS married them promising them a place in heaven. In summary, JS was nothing more than a narcissist that suffered from delusions of grandeur, he was a sexual predator and a pedifile, his translation attempts of the Golden Plates (which never existed) were so horrific that the printer refused to print it and begged JS to let him fix his mistakes. Is God illiterate?
  9. Evil - Noun 1. Morally objectionable behavior 2. That which causes harm, destruction or misfortune "the evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones" 3. The quality of being morally wrong in principle or practice "attempts to explain the origin of evil in the world" Evil - Adjective 1. Morally bad or wrong "evil purposes"; "an evil influence"; "evil deeds" 2. Having the nature of vice 3. Having or exerting a malignant influence (Thanks to WordWeb) Can't say if it is a mental defect or not, but so much evil is around us every day. Even with the efforts of religion to teach the way to God, there is evil among it. So much harm has been done in the "name of God" to man that that is evil in it's self.
  10. Absolutely they do not do enough, why is the Obama administration suing Arizona for protecting their borders? Why is the Obama administration giving guns to the Mexican Cartel (Fast & Furious)? Why are we flooded with illegals?
  11. There is faint music in the night, And pale wings fanned by silver flight; A frosty hill with tender glow Of countless stars that shine on snow. A shelter from the winter storm, A straw-lined manger, safe and warm, And Mary crooning lullabies, To hush her Baby's sleepy sighs. Her eyes are rapt upon His Face, Unheeded here is time and space; Her heart filled with blinding joy, For God's own Son--her little Boy! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.
  12. Atwater Vitki, I agree with your assertation of the 90%. I hope you still have that seven acres what a place to retire too.
  13. He wasted the trees. Should have used them for shelter, a bridge to cross the river or firewood to keep warm and cook with. Sounds like the boy didn't learn anything growing up, who's fault would that be? His parents? The school? Grandfather? I do enjoy this lesson, thank you for sharing it.
  14. I'd like to take this opportunity to Welcome you to the forum! Thank you for joining and I hope you'll find our little Family of Friends to be a place you come home to on a regular basis. We always enjoy new perspectives and fresh ideas, so let's hear yours! Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about the forum. Blessings of Peace,