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  1. Welcome to our little family of friends here at the forum! I hope you will give us the opportunity to get to know you better and look forward to your contributions to the many discussions. It's always a pleasure to meet new people, thus new perspectives and new ideals to throw in the mix. Blessings of Peace, Al

  2. We indeed are the creators we once thought we were not. Through the ages of the past 6000 years we have recorded a good few avatars (prophets). Any time we go through an age change the seers and sages go on high alert as they await the coming of the next prophet. And so the seers have been keeping watch for the, "2nd coming of Christ" but he has not come. And now, after recently ending the age of Pisces and with our move into Aquarius (a return to the divine feminine energies) the sages have been watching for a goddess to show, but she has not come. Neither he, nor she, has come. I am here to tell you that neither he or she are coming in the traditional form as once thought, and to share with you our true calling. You see, something happened to me recently, something very special. When I awoke in the morning following sleep a few nights ago I awoke having felt as if I had been reborn. I do not know or ask why, it just is. I know that during that night of rest I had vivid dreams of far away travels, and to a time without limits where I shared in divine discussions not of this world - many of those discussions I could not immediately recall. But as the morning went forward many of those nights travels began to consciously come back to me. Without a doubt the most important of all the gifts I had been offered on that night was this one, single, gift. And now I gift it to you: We have had 2160 years to learn from the bible and the Christ teachings and now we sit before the ability for us to bring Kingdom Come. That is to say that we have spiritually evolved to a point now we can have the Kingdom of Heaven, Come to earth. But there is a HUGELY PERSONAL challenge we all face that no one told us about, until now. You see, the 2nd coming of Christ is not Jesus literally coming back to save us, and neither is it a divine feminine or goddess, they will not come. Rather, the 2nd coming of Christ, is YOU, is ME, is HIM and is HER. We are now to evolve our spirits to the level of Christ and beyond! The holy grail, simply put, is the latent miracle powers of Jesus that reside within each and every one of us. Now is the time to begin to awaken and feed those latent powers and use them for what we all know to be true and right within our heart of hearts. Before us lies a choice, we must now choose to bring peace and heaven upon earth through our free will of choice. And having our free will of choice, backed by God's will, we can now begin to see sin as being a choice; to sin, or not to sin, that is the challenge. Right now is the most exciting time to be alive, at a time when humanity has evolved spiritually to the point of a Grand Advancement and this ascension can be reached. Thus heaven awaits us here and now. Will you begin to make the right choice? It is time to stop the Jesus talk, and begin to Walk the Jesus Walk. Love, Light, and Power, 13