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  1. perfect I will call them tomorrow thank you so much I really appreciate it
  2. in washington ,I think from what she said yesterday they want to come to me ?
  3. my friend asked me to perform her wedding in wa but she is from oregon so should she get a wa license or an oregon marriage license? thank you
  4. Keep it up hopefully your wife will too I didn't like the patches either they made me feel like I had the flu
  5. Hi murph:) I want to say congratulations ! quitting smoking is an amazing venture , I too have battled with it and am quitting for the same reasons , I found that exercising helps tremendously because I have huge amounts of energy and am too tired to smoke and that I can play with my kids without being out of breath and I am praying and hoping you succeed ! the patches are a good tool too as long as you follow all the steps:) good wishes hun !
  6. so very sorry for your loss , prayers going up
  7. Hope everyone has a greaaattttt day !

  8. I owe I owe off to work I go :)

  9. CUYuettttte:) im a dork meant to say cute :0 )
  10. another happy happy day ,happy dance all the way to the car to take the kids to school

  11. another happy happy day ,happy dance all the way to the car to take the kids to school

  12. YAY more sunshine today LOVE IT

  13. they actually recieved donations from all of the daycare families and it was pretty overwhelming and really fun to see they are doing ok thank you so much for the prayers
  14. thank you to everyone who helped me really helped with their own expieriences and the fact that you all give great advice , that has really given me alot to think about and helped me do a complete 180 attitude wise , I don't talk to the people that tell me im bad anymore , it isn't worth my time , I am soley focusing on my kids, my husband , few good friends business , and well just breathing for once in 34 years .. so thank you again to everyone it has def been an eye opener
  15. that's a good idea I hadn't thought of that .
  16. My daughters lil friend at daycare , is 4 and his house burned down during the week, he lost all his toys and books and his clothes so I was hoping you all could say alittle prayer for him and his daddy , my daughter and I are going to the bookfair at my sons school this week to buy him some new books and my son is donating the clothes he's out grown and I donated my teddy bear from when I was little so hopefully they will do ok , it's just scary that you can loose everything in an intant so I for one wont ever take things for granted and am counting our blessings
  17. it was brought to my attention that I just posted here for attention . let me re-affirm that was indeed not my intention , I posted to get out side opinion of my sistuation because I am/was standing to close to see. I do not want nor need people to feel sorry for me , nor do I need personal messages verbally bashing me . I thank everyone who has given me positive advice and I consider some of you very good friends that I listen to and take the advice away with me . so If you do send me a personal message and I dont respond right away its because I am not online more than an hour a day I have a 24 hour7 day a week business 2 children and 8 employees and am at current trying to rehab my house due to old earthquake damage. it isnt because I want people to feel sorry for me and I resent the person who sent that . thank you for all the help ill try not to post anything anymore -santana
  18. I did a wedding for my sister/bestfriend . and have not had any issues at all however I told her she couldnt get divorced because then I would have a bad track record(joking) oh here is some other advice In washington state they dont tell you when filling out the license make absolute sure you use BLACK ink only or they will reject and send it back
  19. me to it's amazing how fleeting life is and how quickly everything you know can be literally swept away . very sad
  20. tomorrow WILL be better it just will

  21. well my sister told me I was abad person and her husband because her husband wanted to own my business and tried to cause my husband and I to divorce so he could accompllish this, and I put my foot down and let him go over it. my older brother hates me from wayyyy back , because my dad used to get drunk and beat on him instead of me because I hid all the time , and that has just escalated into adulthood where he will try to destroy relationships , friendships etc of mine because of jealousy . so I refused to continue footing the bill for him after he threatend to kill me and my family yesterday my little brother got mad at me and said I was a bad person because I wouldnt loan him money I just went and bought what he needed My family is very dysfuntional and most of them are out for what they can get , so I am just really guarded , I help people all the time , if I had a bigger house I would probably bring every stray animal I found home with me , my mom says I have bleeding heart syndrome ...
  22. so all 3 siblings informed me I am a bad person , and my siblings significant others . I am really feeling disconnected and as much as i have helped these people i keep getting told i am an awful person ..maybe I just am
  23. thanks , someotimes I wonder and every day is a big fat struggle but I am here