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  1. Thanks for the tip Santana - don't want any returned documents!
  2. Gosh - thanks for something to worry about (lol) - My step daughter is 29 and has been dating her future husband for 4 years and living with him for 2 years. If they have any unexplored issues about living with each other, I would hope they have worked things out by now. But I admit, it is something to think about.
  3. Wow - Thanks to Mdtaylor, Sandcastle, RevAl & Carl for your detailed information. I'll be marrying my step-daughter - so these questions were pretty important to me. An interesting note: My step-daughter faced a rather touchy issue that worked out rather well. Her bio father, who has not been much of a factor in her life for the past 20 years will actually "give her away", but her other dad (me) will actually perform the marriage. So, things are going to work out pretty well.
  4. Greetings folks - I will be performing my first marriage (as a ULC minister) in mid April in Seattle, and I was wondering if King County requires any kind of pre-certification procedure, prior to actually performing the marriage. Also, other than my ULC certificate, saying that I have been granted the title of "Universal Philosopher of Absolute Reality", is there anything else I need from the Church to certify that I am actually Ordained? Thanks -