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  1. In this day and age, if I were a religious organization, I would not entertain the idea of firearms beinig a part of the organization. Just too much can be taken in the wrong perception. I don't understand even why you have asked the question; are you trying to put together a summer church retreat for men? Were you thinking of some way of using the donated guns for the church retreat? For law enforcement, any organization that has an "armory" raises red flags. Another thing...your intentions may be honorable but what if someone in your organization begins to turn the motivation. Having li
  2. Okay, TKolter...checked out your website about your new religion and find it honestly genuine...but can I spell check the site for you? One of the hallmarks of a valid scientific philosopher is the ability to present ideas in a rational (or fairly rational) scholarly manner. No scientist would take you seriously with so many errors.
  3. This reads as though it might be for what you are looking. There is a Christian Counselor correspondence program for which I receive notices in the mail occasionally I will see if I can find one of those mailings if you are interested.
  4. Hey Ed, can I have a belated "hand-clap" for my birthday yesterday? Hahahahaha!
  5. You were in the Navy as a Corpsman? Just noted the Doc at the end of your profile name. I was a Marine Navy Corpsman...was at Camp Johnson there on Camp LeJeune for Field Medical Service School. You have a great opportunity to touch lives in a very unusual setting. What those young people need is our nonjudgmental support and a listening ear. I know that you are doing a great work.
  6. Greetings, Ursula! I am a Professional Registered Nurse as well. Like you, I have often been in the position where the spiritual needs of the patient or their family far outwwighed the physical. Year ago I was ordained by an eclectic Ministerial Alliance in the Texas Bible Belt. The purpose was so that I could mee the needs of patients in my role as Parish/Congregational Nurse. I have since converted to Judaism but find my patients still have spiritual needs. Ordination through a nondenominational organization such as the ULC and UM only made sense. I have found my interaction with othe
  7. Take it seriously they need you Both my sons are Marines and I was a Marine Navy Corpsman - Semper Fi
  8. Out of curiosity, I went to your website then I looked up information about the drink that is used ritually in your rituals. I am glad that I did. As a healthcare professional, I need to know that the drink is mixed with an MAOI. If any of your members are admitted to a healthcare facility, I will know to be aware of special medicinal needs they may have since many foods and medications interact severely with MAOIs. I would be interested in working with you on formulating a an educational article for healthcare personnel about your beliefs. Would you be willing to help me?
  9. Don't forget to mention my birthday today 5/19! I worked hard for it, you know. hahahahaha!
  10. Be aware that you will have to keep VERY GOOD accounting books. Without it, you could risk losing your 501 3c status. In fact, the ULC-Modesto won a court case simply because they were able to show its books and its activities clearly to the court.
  11. Just go to the profile of the member in which you are interested in adding. Click the "Add as a Friend" link located beneath what would their picture on the profile. That's it! Take care! - - Yael the Jewess :>)

  12. I remember things from age 2 years. However, your comment brings up an interesting question I would like to ask. I have considered regression therapy. Has anyone here ever experienced hynotic regression therapy and what was the experience like?
  13. Wow! By reading this, I learned so much more about the activities of ULC-Modesto and I am proud to be involved with the organization to promote understanding among religious beliefs. It appears that the Hensleys were honest people trying to do an honest work. Everyone should read this court document and understand the impact it has on our daily practice to "do that which is right." Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Yael
  14. Since you and I live in the DFW area, I will be more than happy to serve as your celebrant...seriously (We are also descended from Norsemen on my father's side of the family)
  15. Yepper...as a professional Registered Nurse, I concur with this answer Excellent answer - - great case citations
  16. Since you are a Muslim - - - or at least know the Koran - - - please post the Sura often called The Throne. If ever there was a favorite Sura of mine, that would be it. I so much would appreciate it, Abdullah!
  17. Now, this is a cool story and I would like to hear more! So many wonder if the marriages they have performed will "stock." You story might be a word of encouragement.
  18. Yes, he name it Universal Life Church but I was wondering why someone has not thought of changing the "Church" word to something like "Congregations" in order for it to be all inclusive...that's all.
  19. Funny how this poster changes Universal LIfe "Church" to "Cosmos." Being of the Hebrew faith, I have wondered why it is Universal Life Church and not now Universal Life Congregations.
  20. I am a card carrying Jewess by choice with an interesting long walk to get to this point (like so many of us). - - - - I was raised as an ordained minister's daughter in a very well known pentecostal denomination but I was never really comfortable as I grew in my teen years. I was always getting in trouble for raising interesting questions like why Sunday instead of the 7th day for worship? Why easter and not Passover? I had a profound curiosity and would figure out ways to attend other churches and other faiths' worship. Once I left my father's home and married a lutheran, I free to explo