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    Mother of a 4 yr old and 1 yr old twins. I'm a stay-at-home Mom; I was on my way to nursing school but thats been put on hold for now, especially since we're going to try to homeschool our oldest son. I'm interested in poetry, blogging, oil painting, collages, anything "artsy" as my husband calls it. I have a facebook page set up as well that I keep in touch with online friends and distant family members.
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    Christian but huge believer in diversity

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    Motherof 3 and proud Army wife of one awesome man
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    http://www.facebook under Charity Burkett

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  1. G'mornin ULC! ...I almost put

  2. I looked up all the state laws. Have 'em all printed in a binder witht he rest of my other materials. It basically says that the clinical pastoral counselor has to be affiliated with a clinic. I don't know how or if I even can get trained to do the counseling. I also read in the laws that if you do say or do the counseling and aren't "certified" then it is a Class B misdemeanor. I've got a clean record and would like to keep it that way. I found where I could take a course that includes pre-marital counseling but you also have to take the teen counseling, marriage counseling, drug counseling, child psychology, and a bunch of other stuff. Looked like an entire psych. degree to me. Anyhow, I'll keep looking. Thanks for the info though.
  3. Does anyone know anything about training to be certified to give pre-marital counseling? Tn is one of the states that gives a discount for doing the counseling; marriage lic. are about $100 and you get a $60 discount if you take the counseling. They have a form that has "qualified" people to administer the counseling, it has to be signed off on by one of these people. They have all your clinical counselors and all but they also have "clinical pastoral therapist" listed. Not quite sure what that means but I was wondering if anyone knew of a course, certificate type program I could take to be able to give this counseling.
  4. I have some friends that wanted a small/discreet/quite/private wedding. I thought about getting ordained a few years ago but decided not too. Then my friends talked about getting married and without saying anything, I went ahead with getting ordained. I felt like it was something I NEEDED to do. It's been nearly 2 1/2 yrs since and I have yet to marry anyone. My friends are still engaged. My husband is an Army Recruiter and some couples want to get married right before the recruit ships out. I had cards made and told my husband that I would officiate anyone who wanted it at no charge. I almost got to marry one couple and her Dad found out and had a fit that I was "just some recruiter's wife that was SUPPOSEDLY a preacher..." and he got his minister to marry them. He was against the marriage (she was 23+) until she told him that she had a minister lined up. I'm in Tennessee. How do you handle that kind of reaction?? I study my Bible like 5-6 days a week, I spread the "word" daily without forcing it on anyone, BUT I don't have a "regular" church I go to per say. Because of not being a "member" of "so-n-so" church, I get questioned. Then I get questioned because I didn't go to what is now traditional training for a minister (years of school, seminary, etc.). How do I answer to that??? Anyway, I want to officiate marriages for people but it seems alot of ppl look down upon you if you don't say you belong to a church. The way I see it - God is at my home too.
  5. My son has a mere bronchial infection adn headcold he is 2 yrs. old. Tonight he started up a fever. I would get it going down with Tylenol then he'd feel a little better and get to moving around despite me trying to keep him calm. 2 yr. old lil boy- near impossible to keep him still if he's Anyhow, It's a low grade fever but it scares me still. He is sleeping sound right now, I'm hoping it breaks during the night. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Also: *My Dad had a kidney removed that had 2 cancerous tumors attached to it just a week or a little more ago. He still has some staples in. His one kidney is functioning great but is having to deal with some of the costs and worry that the cancer may appear elsewhere. *My Mom: nearly died 2-3 times in the past 11 months. Had major intestinal surgery done and recovered well but us having to help care for my Dad as well as my Aunt *My Aunt had three hernias on her abdomen that she's dealt with for over a year now due to not being able to afford health ins. They finally broke through enough to make one huge hernia. She finally had surgery this past week. *In general, please keep our family in your prayers as I will yours. Please keep these family members in your prayers. Please. Thank you all. Bless you...
  6. We have just been moved to a new location because of a different assignment my husband was given. It is an "out of the ordinary" feild of work from waht he is used to. The hours are longer so time has been lessened to only an hour (maybe a little more, maybe a little less) each day. I think the time away is getting him down not only because of our 2 yr old son but because I am pregnant with twins. He wants to be around but just can't because of the new job. The job itself is disheartening for him because there is a "quota" to be met and if it isn't met, no matter what the circumstances, his superiors blame it on his performance. I know that God doesn't put anyting on us that we can't handle and that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger but Please! God - help us, help my husband through this difficult time and help him to better understand things that are going on around him. Help him to see things or just think about things in a more positive light. Please help me to know what to do to help the situation; the stresses of his job, the relationship that seems to be falling apart between he and our son, what to do about this cloud of despair that seems to have settled over my head. Please help us...................