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  1. Thank you for your comment and I the same about you. It is not often we come across an elder mind in a youthful physical being. Blessings of Greatness!

  2. and by the way EXCELLENT topic my friend, awesome to have someone bring this up!
  3. Aloha Sky, how wonderful to hear of 'huna' once again. My wife and I lived Maui for 8 years and met several kahuna. Our medicine stone and conch, given to us by Kahuna, are our most treasured gifts of all times. I hope to get to discuss things with you sometime.

  4. So I guess we end up back at the beginning of the end, so in essence, in front of where we were left behind. Volition is an endless cycle as even choosing not to choose is a choice. I agree with other's posts that intent is the activation of volition, thus opening the door...or perhaps yet another possiblity exists that we do not in fact open a new door, we merely close an old one. If we have closed one door behind us we have effectively and with great intention, by default, entered into a new or different realm. May your thoughts on this be Blessed with clarification and understanding. Blessings of Peace, Light and Intention, "RevAl"