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    Minister of Universal Truths
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    Rev. Tom
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    Wooster, Ga

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    Christianity, all spiritual paths, political reform, astronomy, handcrafts, art, poetry,
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    Lucky, my trusty Canine pal, and his best buddy, Bootsy, my cat
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    Life, opportunity
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    Love, Peace, Forbearance
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    owner, Hidden Glen Treasures, minister of universal truth
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I tend to blunder into things full speed ahead-accept friends with no reservations, and believe the best of people until proven otherwise. I wish to change people's perceptions of generally accepted truths and attitudes. All is not as it seems, and it is our responsibility to discern carefully. Am very open to others-what you see is what you get-no hidden agendas, no drama, no sneak attacks. I am working on several projects to help those who have been shafted by the system (govt., prevailing attitudes, et al).

My basic philosophy and attitudes can be discovered through my posts, and my website at topdog blog, although I have only posted there 2 x, and it has been quite a while since visiting my own site, my avocation is seen at Most of my thoughts, blunderings, art, and political intrigues are on other social sites. I am very vocal about corruption, and steadfastly fight against it.