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  1. Hi, I'm new here (more on me in an Intro thread later...). I'm looking to post about a new Witchcraft book I'm reading and want to be able to discuss it with other here, but I'm not seeing WHICH of the groupings is PAGAN/Witchcraft Oriented. Is there one? If yes, PLEASE direct me to it and I'll post further over there. And while I'm at it, when I DO post about it, is it ok to cite the book's Amazon link in the post? Non affiliate link. I'm new and attempting to avoid being spammy. TY! Thank you! Cheers and blessings, April
  2. Personally, I'm looking to be able to sort of ethically complete a degree which I started at CIIS in San Francisco oh so many years ago which would be very difficult to complete directly b/c I no longer live there. I feel quite ethical doing so because I already have most of the studies and creds for the Masters but would need to go through a laborious process to have them even consider me again directly. Plus, I don't think they offer sufficient Online Options for most of what I would need to complete the degree. ULC Seminar gives me a way to do so. And there are reading and studies to do. Th
  3. Mahalo Dhana, I am so sorry for all of your losses. I was widowed young myself, and had a number of deaths/passings a few years in a row. While I do not have church to which I can point you, I would highly recommend picking up a copy of The Grief Recovery Handbook. The title doesn't do it justice. The use of the word "recovery" makes it sound like a 12 Steps program, which it is not. It is the only book I have found which addresses the emotions of grief and doesn't just talk about them. I think the latest edition is an anniversary edition. You can find it at Amazon and likely your local b&