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  1. Part of who I am was shaped by the Japanese culture when I was growing up, and I do pray for them. The child in me was wondering where thier heroes are? You know...Voltron, Power Rangers, Transformers. But our prayers and aid will have to do.
  2. Well its been a while. We had a one boy.

  3. Has been busy being married and awaiting twins.

  4. To me the same question was being asked before 2000 aka Y2K, and it like the 2012 mystery will amount to diddly squat for the general population. As a Pagan-ish kind of guy, I might prepare a ceremony in order to harness the planetary energies, which should be high during the whole year. There will be a lot of chaotic energy flying around just from those who're indecisive, or others displaying genuine fear. Entertainment you just can't buy. On the off chance that something like poles shift, or aliens fry us off the planet...I'd like to say so long and thanks for all the fish.
  5. Jesus said the need will always be here. Synchronicity is fun.
  6. Anton Lavey pointed this out in his writings. He understood the nature of humans is to be self serving. Even an act of charity is self serving, it's going to make you feel good. There's nothing wrong with that. Another example comes from Joseph Campbell, "Follow your bliss." I say, your joy is the root of creating the life you want to live.
  7. Your quote here is why I posted this. Finding it humorous was a plus.
  8. In a few of my post here I allude to an idea: Not waiting around for some God thingy to show up; send me a sign, so I know I have the "okie-dokie," to proceed in worth while things. It is firmly my belief, if there were some innocuous old bearded fellow, who takes great delight in molding my destiny, or just being the wise sheriff of the universe...This being would make His?/Her?/It's? interest in my life a little more clear. I know the response to this line may be some sanctimonious thing like: "It's God's will that your heart remain harden until you truly understand his grace." These reactions are based on a dogmatic stance about scriptures, which seems to some how empower a person to know the will of God. So I say to you, relax and let that God thingy be God -whatever it's doing? In fact when we say, "God is..." We put limits on the idea of this Omnipotent being; which may have just simply set this self supporting grand mechanism we call the universe to go, and left us to our own devises. If this is so: "set this self supporting grand mechanism we call the universe to go, and left us to our own devises." Then I intend to have as many experiences as I can with this universe. Wait a minute!? This smacks of Taoism! Are you taking the long way around to say you're a Taoist? No mature Taoist would ever carry or advertise such a thing. It would bring them no closer to knowing the true nature of the Tao. While I am here in this universe, I plan on governing myself...less guilt that way. Regardless of what we presume to see or react to, nobody dies and we are all connected. The concepts of "Heaven and Hell" are always at hand, and equally remain a distraction from the true nature of reality. People always need help with something, so rather than spreading ourselves thin do what you can for those who will pay it forward. Bring color to your life, find somebody to love. The enemy never wins, they only found an opportunity to extend their complaint. Here's one from my grandpa: You're only as intelligent as you want to be.
  9. I can talk about money and most anything, but I too find it a challenge to talk about myself. I think it has a lot to do with my early studies in Buddhism and the Tao. I learned to be more self introspective, and hope people would know me by my actions rather than a convenient autobiography. What can a few words on paper describe about the richness of a being's life.
  10. In Hebrew there is no Zero, and the letters were interchangeable with numbers. In turn they could condensed down to a single number, letter, or word. With 666, it was argued whether it was meant for Greek translation or Hebrew, which leads to leads to a lot of rabbit chasing. Personally, I use the Hebrew and Biblical references to the first mentioning of just 6. According to the scriptures man was created on the 6th day, therefore Man's number is 6. Whose causing all the trouble in the world today?? Man, Man, Man!
  11. The half life of nicotine is 2 hours while in the body, so it wouldn't harm the the meat. Powdered nicotine when inhaled takes 7 seconds to reach the brain, and it will kill without a doubt. Castor beans are still in use today. They are used for constipation and are where we get Castor Oil. In the past when improperly made the byproducts of the Castor plant would kill as well. It turned out to be the strongest known poison, Rican. Note: Poisonous powders and liquids are either taken orally or injected, while venom is always injected. In my experience of helping people with banishing rituals, whatever the cultural influence, I have learned some very gruesome tactics.
  12. It's patchy... First I remember some kind of glowing pink place...I'm not kidding. I think I was 3 when there was a few brief scenes, then at 4 or so I began regular memory.
  13. First off the ulc offers ordination, which when I heard about it I felt it was a novelty. The idea of hundreds of people ordained; presumably without any seminary, or Bible school training really tickled me. I personally have been through a few courses provided by churches in the past and found them to be one-sided and self-serving. I have nothing against a classically trained clerics, but what we have cannot be taught in seminary, and it's worth protecting. The next thing was to find mature, teachable people trying to brighten up the corner where they are. These are people who can take a joke.
  14. Abraham Maslow a humanistic psychologist called this a Peak Experience, in which only a Self Actualized person reaches this state of being that you've expressed here. Of course this has been going on long before Maslow filled in blank, which modern psychology had been drawing far too long. It is very aw inspiring, scary, and empowering all at once. I was by a the Platte river here in Colorado, doing a walking meditation, and just listening. Then I was Aware! My presence was everywhere.
  15. Colors deal with the frequency of light... Truth is where you are while describing the elephant.
  16. I do believe deeply in Self empowerment; to the point in which I refuse to wait around for a sign from some innocuous God/Goddess thingy. Personally I believe I chose to come here, and not to fix some problem with my Karma. I came to help. A friend of mine said something that stuck with me, "Why would you leave a really cool place (spiritual realm) only to take up residence in the projects (here)? I think love is the same no matter where we are, and we're motivated by it.
  17. Hmm...from an Astrological point you are approaching Saturn's 29.5 year transit age match up. Some people don't notice a difference until they're 30+, but Saturn is the heavenly body which travels from the light to darkness and back again. When you turn 30, there's a psychological change in behavior in which we you may view 20-somethings as kids. You'll see things from a deeper maturity. Cool! I'd like to hear about this. I always try not to take myself too seriously, I learned this from Taoism.
  18. I like how Fawzo right off helped us define the difference between Magician and Mystic...Thank you Fawzo. In my practice I have clung more to the Mystical side of things, but to the point of Self deity, for myself. I still do spell work with sigils, classic craft, and help people with problem solving using magickal remedies, which is mostly psychology. A person needs to feel empowered, so I give them a simple spell they can believe in, and preform without too much trouble, but most of the time they just need to talk. Early on I had a hard time with all things human, and it took me a while to get grounded and balanced in my pursuit of magick. Oddly enough it was science which grounded me right along with gardening and women. For me learning to love this world has been the biggest hump. Learning to appreciate this place and not yearn too hard for the mysterious place beyond, because there's a reason, I, wanted to be here. I know why now, and it has focused my magickal eye. I am in this world for occult reason, this doesn't make me an authority on it, and I'm here to help.
  19. The fact that there are over 6.5 Billion people on this planet, tells that someone is doing something right. A very small percentage of the population is involved in any extreme behavior. I have two tattoos on my body, I may have a drink once in a while, I have smoked marijuana twice (it did not make me High), I really tried to pick up smoking, but couldn't get passed the bad flavor. In the 90's a study was done on the social differences of big cities and small towns. They found in small towns people are more likely to help someone in distress. For example, an old man dressed poorly laid down on a sidewalk in both a big city and small town, faining unconsciousness or being sick. More people went to his aid faster in the small town. Big towns act like thick skinned takes a while for them to notice the sliver of glass working into their heal, but once it does the giant begins to limp. When I get a sliver, I stop almost immediately. Imposing one too many restrictive laws on people is like a sliver of glass and there should be a reaction. In a free society good behavior is encouraged and rewarded; our education is slanted toward this kind of thinking, but in some cases the theme doesn't hold in the home. Ultimately the numbers speak for themselves. life always finds a way.
  20. ...Reveal the Golden Pencil box to Marty in all of it's glory. Marty remarked aloud, "One could read by it's very countenance!" Marty reach for the pencil box, but suddenly...
  21. The end of the world story is a commonly recurring theme in most religions. The best reason I can come up with why this happens is the Cosmic Calender. The Mayans had theirs, no doubt, but all cultures on earth can point to their own. Before modern man demystified most of the western world, one of strongest connections to the "end of the world" was more an agricultural observance or festival. They welcomed the end and bid the past fair well. The main problem we have with an "END TIMES" message today is how far removed we are from the above concept. I have a dear friend, whom can not wait for the "Rapture" to happen, and I explained the agricultural observance or festival idea; right along with a strong argument about interpretation of scripture, and the people which wrote them. He still found comfort in the idea of the world being judged by fire. I think the key word her is comfort. A person...everybody wants to feel good.