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  1. Nice! I may have to put something together and send to you.
  2. Fawzo, are those your color choices? Send me your wrist measurement (loose, not tight) and your address and I'll see what I can do.
  3. For the past couple of years I have been making bracelets and stuff out of paracord. My first bracelet I made for my wife while she was dealing with thyroid cancer. I made it with purple Para cord since purple is the color for thyroid cancer survivors. Since she wears it almost 24/7, I don’t have a picture of it. One of my personal bracelets is this yellow one. This represents the “Livestrong” yellow bracelet and since theirs are always to small for my wrist, I decided to make my own. Next is a key fob in black with a blue line through it. It represents the police memorial colors and I also wear a bracelet in the same colors and pattern. Years ago I served in the Law Enforcement community (military and civilian) so it has special meaning for me. This is a bracelet that I made for a friend of mine-she wanted something for her boyfriend that was purple but still on the 'manly' side. I used the camera on my cell phone so my apologies for the quality of the pictures.
  4. Busy, busy busy Brother Michael. Between work, ministering to others and being an Admin on a food related site and spending time with the family and grandkids I keep finding myself running out of day light!

  5. Brother Michael-Thanks for leaving me a message. Sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you. Don't really think that HQ would be impressed with me knobby knees. :P

  6. Tragic-those involved have been added to my prayer list.
  7. Wow- Have you taken the time to know and understand what the Wicca beliefs are? If you did, you wouldn't have made the comment that you did. I have several friends that are Wiccan and we get along great because I have taken the time to learn what Wicca is about and in turn, they respect me for the path that I choose to follow. Yes, I will pray for you in your struggle. I will pray that you will find understanding and tolerance in others beliefs. May God Bless-
  8. For me it's nothing spoken aloud but more of a mental reminder "Deep breath in. . . deep breath out. . . " and if I happen to be able to do this with my eyes closed-even better (but not while driving)!! It helps me to focus on the task at hand and relieves some stress.
  9. As my ministry is more of a "one to one" stewardship, music doesn't really play into it in a congregational sense. However, I'll play gospel hymns from my mp3 player to the one I'm ministering too if I'm prompted by the Spirit to do so and it conveys the message that I'm trying to put across. Various hymns do pop into my head while I'm working or reading the Bible. When I'm getting ready to meet someone in my capacity as an Ordained Minister I'll often play "Brightly Beams our Fathers Mercy). It helps me to focus on doing His work.
  10. Three years ago my wife and I lost a teen aged son-he was beaten up and left for dead. During my grieving process, I met a gentleman that had began a outreach ministry. At this time of my life I was the President of a district football league and my son had played for league for several years. The Minister was a Football Referee and after a day of football we began to talk. Some how the conversation turned to the death of my son and the anger and emptiness that I was feeling. Normally, I don't show my emotions in front of others, let alone strangers, but tears were streaming down my face. This man took my hands in his and prayed to our Lord and Saviour and lifted me up. I always felt that I was strong in my religion, but such an overwhelming peace came over my being that I have never felt before. Since that time, I have found myself drawn to others in their time of need. I have prayed for them; prayed with them and talked (really just listened) to them. Six months ago while serving the needs of another, I was asked if I was an ordained minister, when I replied that I was not, I was told by that person that others were missing out on what I could bring to their lives. Since that time I've been told by several others that I was was missing my calling in life by not becoming an Ordained Minister. I've given a lot of prayerful thought as to what I should do and then last week I came across the site for ULC. An inner prompting within me told me "I have provided the means, now act". Last week, I took the few minutes needed to request ordination. I'm looking forward to this new facet of my life. May God's blessing be upon you. Rev. Earl