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I am a second generation natural born American, from Italian ancestry. My grandparents were immigrants who arrived at Ellis Island with no formal education, and just the clothes on their backs...just in time to enjoy the great depression.

I was raised, along with 2 younger sisters, in the same small Midwestern town as was my father and mother.

My father was a public high school graduate from a family of seven children. My mother had two sisters and one brother. She only finished 10th grade. Somehow they managed to send me to 12 years of Catholic parochial schooling. Thereafter I put myself through 5 years of college, without a dime of financial help from my parents. I did this by working factory jobs every summer for five years.

I earned my B.A. from a Catholic university, majoring in psychology, with minors in (Catholic) Religion, Philosophy, and Foreign Language. I graduated just in time to participate (as a draftee) in the U.S. Army, during the Vietnam war. I spent one year stateside and then one year in 'Nam before returning to a civilian job that I had held briefly before the war, with the Defense Department. I left civil service in 1973, formed a company, and spent the next 30+ years in private industry, where I still am today.