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  1. Haven't seen you in a long time...I miss you.

    Hope all is well.

    Connie (AZCowgirl/


  2. awesome, exactly what i'm aiming for! as i've said before, i WANT people to get bored! i hate 'hooks'. thank you, Adrian
  3. thank you i dont' really believe that reading music would affect anything at all. i should explain myself better. i can't read music, i don't know what this or that is named. but i know completely how to use it, i know how it functions. music makes perfect sense to me already. i can listen to pretty much ANYTHING and pick it apart completely. i don't know what someone else calls this key or that key, but i can hear that key and play that key just fine. the name isn't important at all. any instrument i've picked up, i've been able to play. i obviously haven't played everything, (or ev
  4. Well thanks for asking! Its coming along. Progress has been slow with self teaching, but I'm taking a couple of lessons now! That keeps me motivated to practice, so that there's noticeable improvement between lessons. (The fact that I have a HUGE crush on the guy teaching me doesn't hurt either. ) Oh, and Adrian, I really am going to listen to your music and add something useful to this thread. I promise! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> you're making people smile, how much more useful could your comments be? love, Adrian
  5. lmao sounds good man hahah, i dunno, i just play it, i don't even know how to read can hear it, i can learn pretty much any song i hear if i want to. but i can't read music...nope.
  6. have no idea what this post meant to me. some of the things you said brought me on the verge of tears. thank you...from the bottom of my soul, thank you so much really...god, i can't express how much this meant to me. thank you so very much. Adrian
  7. heheh, i figured you'd like the synth in that yeah, it's a synth-cello. i'm actually quite proud of it...simply for the fact that 90% of the cello in that song was all improv. only the chorus was prewritten (wanted stability on that) the rest, i just randomly hit record and started playing whatever came out...and the most amazing thing actually worked! actually, i think the whole thing was only like 2 takes for the synth. i'm really glad you enjoyed it. thank you so much for listening Adrian
  8. oooh, i'm actually glad that this topic was suddenly revitalized i have a new song up that i REALLY REALLY want people to listen to! it's called 'grattitude' i think it's the best song i've ever written...i'm absolutely in love with it. you don't have to love it as much as i do...i don't think that's even possible, hah...but let me know what you think, please thank you, as always, Adrian
  9. Looks interesting. I'll have to play around with it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What would you call that tuning? C# sus 4 ? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> hmm...i have no idea...been wondering exactly what it would be called, actually...anyone else who picks up my guitar just calls it, "Adrian's tuning". heh, i guess that works
  10. hahah, thank you for, i really don't do any happy and upbeat, i couldn't imagine that working for me my music always has a positive message...but i'm kind of a dark person naturally...i have humor (see the song, 'buddha is my homeboy', just the title is tongue-in-cheek humor) but it's always from a dark perspective. i'm honestly a VERY optimistic person, but i'm also always very dark as well it's a weird balance, i know. um...yeah, actually this music is getting a lot lighter than it used to be...i dunno...just the way i write. i have this one song...i may put
  11. lol, was it just me or did he (as an actor) REALLY seemed to have studied Mr. Bush's expressions for his character? Seriously, he had ALL the looks down, even that little coy smile with the 'heheheh' (shoulder's bouncing up and down). No? Adrian
  12. What tuning do you use? from low to high, it's C#, F#, C#, F#, G#, C# on paper, looks like it would be kinda monotonous, but it gives it quite a unique chords, obvious work well, but there are a virtually endless number of finger possitions and slight alterations that give me a VERY wide variety of sounds. I'm able to play most standard tuned songs in my tuning, with a little work here and there...ironically, the tuning, while seemingly simplified, gives me a variety of more options Adrian
  13. "Carry On" is also a really good tune. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> awesome, i'll check it out
  14. No, it occurs frequently under the verse. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> In that case, it's purposeful