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    Married In my Heart !
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    Springfield Ohio

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    I am a Minister<br />I am Pagan Have been for a long Time<br />I Live with my Best Friend we have been together for over 6 years.
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    Minister of ULC And St. Luke Christian Ministries

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  1. Praying for God's Help ! and Hoping I can start a church on line! if anyone can give me some help !

  2. Brother Kevin is a nice guy when you need help he is there .

    when you ask questions he answers.

  3. look for a minister in your area for a nondemonantional one ! or a pagan minister we are out there
  4. well I did mine because God' Told me i was to fallow my father into the ministery I was 18 and went to work in a nurseing home for 26 years then became a minister wish i could have an online ministery, if anyone can tell me how they did it? i have done weddings , furnarels , chrisnegings, and would love to have a church
  5. well i have a black dress clergy shirt i wear with black pants, and i ask depending on what iam doing i have a purple stole iam going to wear for friends iam doing in may , because they ask .then i have a family wedding in june iam wearing black . because they ask
  6. Iam so glad to be back !

    have not got my church yet but still praying for it

    glad to be here