Official Church Records Update

Update a Legal Name Change

Update your information in our church registry at Universal Life Church, Modesto, California.

Please note that to legally change your name in our church registry you must provide the copies of your legal name change documents for further processing.

Request to Update a Legal Name Change
Request a Legal Name Change Update
Enter the name in our records from when you submitted your ordination. FIRST MIDDLE LAST. Include any suffix such as Jr., Sr., etc.
If your previous name might be associated with an old address in our records, please include it here.
Enter your NEW/CURRENT First Name.
Enter new/current Middle Name or Initial
New/Current Last Name. Include any suffix such as Jr., Sr., etc. Please check your spelling.
Provide your primary residential address for the ordination application to be processed.
If you know your ordination date or an approximate range please select here.
Enter a valid and working email address. A primary address is preferred.
Please attach any legal documents associated with your name change. /.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .pdf /
We cannot send you status updates if you do not allow us to. Our emails are for information. We do not send spam.

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