I am grateful for the many blessings I have at a time like this,for the love,and care,and kindness of those I have around me,in my life,of the help and protection of them and myself from God at this time.I’m grateful for the kind words from ULC, and the encouragement of my friends and dearest to me.We all need to be uplifted and be given hope and encouragement during times like these of uncertainty.And everyone has been doing that for me,and I’m trying to pass it on myself.To anyone who is worried or afraid,is not sure of what tomorrow will bring,just find something that brings you joy and that you can do to bring joy to others,enjoy looking at the flowers and sunshine and trees and sky and feeling the fresh spring air even if only from your yard,window,etc. If you have friends,loved ones,or pets near you(even a neighbor’s cat),enjoy being near them,make your moments with them count.And I am grateful that we can still have all of that.No matter what,there will always be love,friendship,family,kindness,even strangers doing a kindness to other strangers,even when things might seem dark there is always someone or something or some goodness that shows us the light is brighter,and nothing can take away from us,not really,the simple things to be grateful for,even if it’s just a sunny spring day,a look at nature,the sun glinting on water,beautiful music,art,and all the things that are still good,we still love,and still around us,and that there will always be hope and something to look forward to and be grateful for.


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