I need peace & quiet in my apartment & apartment building. I have the neighbor from hell. She let her kid run, jump, tumble, play in the apartment all day and night. It’s after midnight and the kid is still up. I need my sleep and I have to work. My apt mgr, Tonya, isn’t doing anything about the situation or my noise complaints. I am at my wits ends. I can’t take it anymore. It’s starting to affect me. I am stress, losing weight, depressed, cranky and sleep deprived. It’s also affecting my job. I had to change my work schedule & come in later because I am taking sleeping pills. They make me loopy and my motor skills are off. The Mom is still up now making noise, stomping with her Elphant feet. I think she wears hooker’s shoes. She clucks around walking back and forth, back and forth in a two bed room apt. She is fat and not losing any weight. There’s not that much cleaning in the world. Plus, she smokes and throws her nasty cigarettes buds down into my patio. She can start a fire. I’ve complained to the apt mgr about that too but as far as I know, nothing has been was done. I am asking for prayer for my upstairs neighbor to reduce her noise or get evicted. I have been dealing with this at least three or four months. I am a long term tenants. I have been here for several years and I don’t remember my former upstairs neighbors being so loud, noisy and disrespectful. Please pray for God to touch the people hearts upstairs. She also has a boyfriend. There’s too much noise & too much traffic coming from Unit D. She is still having guess and partying not practicing social separation. I guess she let the 5 years old take the garbage out as his/her way of getting outside. I don’t know what sex the kids are because I don’t never see them. Any who! There’s garbage all over the ground in front of our apartment building. She is still having guess and not partying social separation. Unit D doesn’t make him/her clean it up nor will she. I can’t watch TV, read a book, read the Bible, meditate or listen to music in peace unless they are asleep. I can’t live like this. I am a single Mom but my adult son moved out almost 18 months ago. I need to move to a one bedroom but I will never live on the bottom unit again. My lease ends in August. I am getting the out of here. It is hell especially when someone has children and a Mom who doesn’t suprtvised her children like the one above me. It’s semi-quiet now maybe they went to bed. It’s 1:35 am. I hope I can watch some TV in peace. This is not normal apartment living. Please pray my apt mgr will do the right thing. Pray she will give me my apt credit of $461.07 and evicted Unit D. I need peace and quiet. Pray God will send me my soulmate/husband. I am extremely lonely. Thank you for for praying for me. Please pray for the coronavirus victims and those suffering with this disease. Pray for America!


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